updated 2/23/2004 4:39:05 PM ET 2004-02-23T21:39:05

Martha Stewart‘s close friend Mariana Pasternak delivered some devastating testimony when she said Stewart knew that ImClone chief Sam Waksal was trying to sell shares in the company before Stewart sold hers.  Ouch! 

Well, that got us to thinking about some of history's biggest backstabbers and the friends they betrayed. 

There‘s Brutus, who turned on Julius Caesar. Judas betrayed Jesus.  You remember Delilah, she gave Sampson the buzz cut.  And then there was Kristin, who shot J.R. on the TV show "Dallas." Linda Tripp lent an ear and then taped Monica Lewinsky.  Sammy "The Bull" Gravano ratted out John Gotti.  Al Gore, well, where was he for Joe Lieberman?  And what about the white tiger who sank his claws into Roy Horn from Siegfried & Roy? 

Maybe the philosopher Voltaire put it best.  He said “May God defend me from my friends.  I can defend myself from my enemies.”

Or as Harry Truman put it when he was President, a little more prosaically, "If you want a friend, get a dog."


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