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The ladies of 'Sex and the City' were watched for their romantic adventures, as well as their clothes.
updated 2/24/2004 1:29:03 PM ET 2004-02-24T18:29:03

Now that we‘ve said goodbye to "Sex and the City," what happens to all the great clothes they wore on the show? 

For six years, America watched as Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha lived, loved, and showed off the latest in high fashion-- from shoes to the dresses to the lingerie.  It really was as much about what they wore during a night on the town, to what they weren‘t wearing when they got back home with the man of the moment. 

As part of her deal on the show, Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte, got to keep most of the clothes she wore.  I hope she has some big closets at home.  "I have a lot of quintessential 'Charlotte' pieces," Davis told AP Radio recently. "I have a lot of her vintage clothes. I have a lot of her shoes, except for the ones that I'm really, really sick of because they hurt."

Some of the more memorable pieces, however, were auctioned off by HBO, with all the money going to charity.  The 10-day auction ended Monday.  And two items tied for the highest bid:  Kristin Davis won‘t be taking home Charlotte‘s Badgley Mischka red wine-stained wedding dress, the one she tripped on, in her wedding to Harry.  It went for $56,000, which turned out to be the same price fetched by Carrie's Vivienne Westwood blue plaid dress. 

The stars did get to keep some of their favorite outfits.  And, in the end, the four fabulous females all found the men of their dreams.  And what more can a woman ask for?  Love, happiness, and lots of great clothes.

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