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NBC News' Kerry Sanders has been covering the trial for the last several weeks.

The defense for Casey Anthony is expected to rest Thursday, June 30, after calling its final witnesses.

More on the trial: Anthony's defense calls final witnesses; will she testify?

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Live chat: Kerry Sanders answers your Casey Anthony questions

Video: Anthony will not testify in capital murder trial

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    >>> now to the casey anthony trial where george anthony 's mistress just gave some potentially damning testimony.

    >> he had said it was an accident that snowballed out of control.

    >> the defense had hoped crystal's testimony would debunk george anthony as a credible source, she first met him while volunteering in the search for caylee. nbc's kerry sanders joins us with more, what does crystal's testimony mean for this case potentially?

    >> crystal claims that she had a romantic relationship with george anthony . remember the defense is claiming that there was no murder, but rather an accidental drowning and that george anthony discovered caylee's body floating in the backyard swimming pool. now krystal holloway is saying on the stand that george told her in an intimate moment that there was a horrible accident that spiraled out of control. so it would seem to raise reasonable doubt that casey anthony was responsible for murdering her daughter. and that's what the defense is trying to suggest. but the prosecution right now as krystal holloway on the stand, and they are asking her some very tough questions. first of all, did you really have this relationship with george anthony because yesterday he was on the stand and he denied it existed. number two, this story surfaced in a tabloid newspaper, in "the national enquirer ," you were paid $4,000 for that story. it calls some question into the validity of that story, is this something that you invented to help sell a story, to make some money? she has been defiant that it was a true story , but nonetheless, it is somewhat explosive because crysthri krystal could be providing at least to some jurors reasonable doubt . they're taking a little bit of a break as i'm looking at the courtroom. they have reviewed her earlier testimony which was in a deposition. they have had her read some of it back. but jeff ashton, the prosecutor, not only in his questions, but in his voice has been incredulous in her claims.

    >> the other thing we want to talk about, kerry, is that we're hearing that they might wrap up the case today, the defense. and that leads to the caution, will the judge talk to casey about whether or not she's fully clear about her decision to testify or not to testify. so we could learn that today, what we have all been wanting to know, will she take the stand?

    >> exactly. and the answer will come directly from casey , it won't be filtered through her attorneys. interestingly, we're on day 32 now of testimony and we have heard nothing from casey until yesterday. when the issue came up about anne frenell one of her attorneys filing a motion that the death penalty in florida was unconstitutional. at that moment, anne frenell was on the phone. jose baez was not in the courtroom and the judges turned to casey and asked her a question so we hear her voice for the first time.

    >> i feel confident that ms. anthony would agree with this issue-

    >> ms. anthony , do you want to answer that question now or do you want to wait until mr. baez, mr. mason or ms. sims arrive?

    >> i can answer that, your honor honor. i agree with ms. frenell.

    >> nine words, but as you know, at one point, her defense said that they felt that she was having a mental incompetency problem, but we heard her there, directly aware of what's happening, talk to the judge.


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