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Merck KGaA's Erbitux beats Avastin in bowel cancer trial

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Merck KGaA's cancer drug Erbitux was shown to be more effective at prolonging the lives of bowel cancer patients than Roche's Avastin, Merck said. Full story

Roche: Beware of Fake Avastin

   A serious warning is out to patients, doctors and hospitals telling everyone to beware of a fake version of Roche's cancer-fighting drug Avastin. Insight with Scott Gottlieb, MD.

FDA revokes breast cancer drug Avastin

   The Food and Drug Administration said Friday that the drug Avastin should no longer be used in advanced breast cancer patients because there's no proof that it extends their lives and it presents dangerous side effects. NBC’s Robert Bazell reports.

FDA Avastin Ruling

   CNBC's Hampton Pearson reports on the FDA's ruling that Avastin be taken off the market as a treatment for breast cancer. Roche says it will begin a new trial next year.

CNBC Business Headline News

   KNTV's Scott Budman, reports President Obama's top economic adviser knew the Solyndra deal was a dud, years ago; Bank of America is still having website problems; and Blue Shield of California will stop paying for breast cancer drug, Avastin.

FDA: Contamination of Avastin linked to eye loss

   The FDA believes that eye medication Avastin was contaminated when it was transferred from sterile vials into single-use syringes. WTVJ's Diana Gonzalez has the details.

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NYT: Avastin eye injections tied to blindness


  Avastin at center of breast cancer treatment tug-of-war

For the thousands of women with breast cancer who say Avastin is their last hope, government efforts to take the drug off the market have felt like a death sentence. NBC's Chief Science Correspondent Robert Bazell reports.

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