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Video: Ex-IMF chief pleads not guilty to sex charge

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    >>> hotel maid. you can see him arriving to a new york courtroom earlier this morning through a sea of boos protesters, some yelling shame on you. this is his first court appearance since he was arrest and placed on house arrest two weeks ago. live at the manhattan courthouse, it's an under statement to say this was a quick hearing.

    >> less than 10 minutes . it was an arraignment. this is usually what happens dominique strauss khan was read the charges. he entered a not guilty plea and tuesday in a strong voice from what we understand. he left and the next hearing date is in mid-july, about six weeks from now. there is no telling when a trial in this case could begin. you mentioned that he was sort of heckled as he walked in by a group of protesters. they were about 100 to 150 hotel maids. housekeepers in new york city who came here to support the alleged victim. they screamed shame on you as he walked in and again as he walked out. i was watching his face and he did look over and notice them for a second and kept looking straight ahead . he was arm in arm with his wife. you can see in the video, one other interesting note from court, the lawyer for the alleged victim the hotel maid in time square said she plans on testifying at the trial and moving ahead in any beings that the defense team made that this was consensual is off base and ridiculous.

    >> jeff, thanks. appreciate it. new


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