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    >>> this may sound familiar, democratic and republican lawmakers in a stand-off over the budget and neither side wants to budge. tonight in minnesota, the stand-off has turned into a shutdown. here's john yang .

    >> reporter: as the holiday weekend begins, minnesota state parks and campgrounds are locked shut.

    >> we decided to come out here one last time. we heard it was going to shut down, so we got out here at 3:30 to go swimming one more time.

    >> reporter: also closed? state offices like driver's license exam stations, highway rest stops, even the state lottery . 23,000 state workers are laid off. all because the republican-controlled state legislature and the democratic governor can't agree on closing a projected two-year, $5 billion deficit. governor mark dayton says any deal has to raise taxes.

    >> the republicans insist that inequality continue so that millionaires do not have to pay $1 more in taxes.

    >> reporter: like their counterparts, minnesota say savings should only come from spending cuts.

    >> this is about shutting down government for a political purpose. very disappointing.

    >> reporter: the national conference of state legislature says at least 30 states began the current budget season with deficits totalling more than $86 billion.

    >> the fact that this fiscal crisis affecting state budgets has gone on for well over three years means that the decisions about what to do get harder each year.

    >> reporter: as the economy improves, there may be different kinds of fighting. in south carolina , republican governor nikki haley and republican lawmakers are fighting over where higher than expected revenue should go, to restore spending cuts or cut taxes. a problem many governors and lawmakers would probably love to have right now. john yang , nbc news, chicago.

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