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A new hacking group has announced itself by defacing the website of sobriety-challenged musician Amy Winehouse.

Yesterday, the singer's website, was hijacked by a group calling itself Swagger Security.

The hackers took control of Winehouse's website and put up a banner reading: "Winehouse = No Swag | AntiSec = No Swag."

(" AntiSec " refers to the anti-government campaign that's spurred recent high-profile hacks, including this week's leak of confidential data from the Arizona Border Police.)

The banner contained an expletive-filled rant explaining that Swagger Security is not affiliated with the Anonymous hackers and their AntiSec campaign.

Starting by targeting Winehouse — Swagger Security called her a " racist crackhead devil bit**" on its @SwagSec Twitter page, the group said its goal is to "take back the Internet from the white devil."

[Kids' Safety Site Defaced with Child Porn Links]

The banner used to deface the site also included a picture of rapper Lil' B, and a promise that if he mentions Swagger Security in a new song, the group will give the rapper all "our bit****, promise."

Winehouse's website is redirecting traffic to her Facebook page.

It's possible this isn't the last time we'll hear from Swagger Security: In its message on Winehouse's site, the group claims to have stolen data from Justin Bieber and personal information on a "hundred thousand hundred trillion Lady Gaga" users.

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