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    >>> the body of a woman recovered from indianapolis creek fift mi50 miles from where college student appeared last month. john yang has the latest now from bloomington , indiana. john, good morning.

    >> good morning, natalie. bloomington police are awaiting a identification of that badly decomposed body to find out if it's the latest chapter in the mysterious disappearance. indiana university student has been missing for more than a month. 20-year-old fashion student disappeared june 3rd after a night partying with her friends. lauren 's parents pleaded with friends to come forward with information that could lead them to their daughter.

    >> help them find their moral compass . they need your guidance and your strength to do the right thing.

    >> the window of opportunity in which lauren disappeared, just these three short city blocks, is so small is i think investigators would have to believe someone who had contact with her knows what happened to her that night.

    >> reporter: lauren shown here on a home video during a spring break trip to israel with her sister was reportedly last seen by a friend walking toward her

    apartment building at 4: 30 in the morning. for weeks thousands of volunteers showed up to look for lauren .

    >> as far as i'm concerned it's not over until we find her.

    >> reporter: just last week police called off large-scale searches to focus on investigative leads. lawrence's parents, who live in the new york city area, has been in bloomington from the beginning.

    >> to the person who has knowledge about lauren 's whereabouts, if you think that our determination is any less, it's not.

    >> reporter: this morning lauren 's parents remain here in bloomington waiting. natalie?

    >> john yang in bloomington , indiana, thanks so much, john.

updated 7/5/2011 8:42:56 AM ET 2011-07-05T12:42:56

Police in Indianapolis say the badly decomposed body of a woman has been found in a local creek, and they have contacted investigators who are looking for a 20-year-old student who went missing in Bloomington more than a month ago.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says authorities couldn't immediately determine the identity, age or race of the woman whose body was spotted Sunday floating among debris in Fall Creek. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

Authorities in Bloomington have been searching for Indiana University student Lauren Spierer, who was last seen June 3 near her Bloomington apartment after a night out drinking with her friends. Bloomington is about 50 miles south of Indianapolis.

Police hope the forensic examination provides more information about the woman's identity.

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