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Video: Strauss-Kahn faces new allegation of sex assault

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    >> fund chief strauss kahn may be facing new legal trobs troubles today, this time in france .

    >> reporter: with his wife on his arm, dominique strauss-kahn spent the holiday weekend a free man. the case against him falling apart in new york city . but now a woman from his past is back. tristan is a french novelist and claims strauss-kahn sexual assaulted her in 2003 after she tried to interview him. her lawyer says they are planning to file a criminal complaint in france today but she tells a french magazine for years, dsk held the reins of my life. and now i have the chance to be heard. strauss-kahn has denied any wrong doing and says he'll take legal action against her if she files.

    >> women are going to be coming out of the woodwork now to accuse him but they are going to be held to such a higher standard of credibility after the fallout from this case in the united states .

    >> reporter: prosecutors now admit the hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault here in new york lied repeatedly and may have ties to criminal behavior .

    >> i think this case is over. i think it's just a question of when.

    >> reporter: strauss-kahn is free to roam the country without bail. as toing photographers drak his every move, from takener at a fancy restaurant to a museum visit, and now a new accuser awaits for him in france . jeff rossen , nbc news, new york.

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