Countdown’s Top Five

  1. The growing trend, pornography for women by women. [I can’t link to any of the stuff in this segment.  Go surf your own porn! -ed.]
  2. The article that got everyone talking about this.
  3. Harvard's ' H Bomb' gets a green light
  4. All presidents must be born on American soil.  Could that be about to change ?
  5. Arnold wouldn't mind
  6. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution
  7. A new intensive hunt for bin Laden slated for the spring.
  8. The next three most wanted terrorists in terms of bounty offered by the FBI
  9. Bin Laden`s close adviser, Ayman Al-Zawahiri
  10. Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed Al-Nasser
  11. Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah
  12. Amid the controversy, reviewers say "The Passion" may not be as much anti-Semitic as
    sickening to the stomach.
  13. Per the Web site, the movies with the largest advance ticket sales ever -- remembering they didn`t really sell movie tickets in advance until about five years ago.
  14. The third part of the "Lord of the Rings:  Return of the King."
  15. As of this afternoon, Mel Gibson`s "The Passion of Christ."
  16. The "Lord of the Rings" sequel, the "Two Towers."
  17. "The Matrix Reloaded."
  18. An exhaustive search by COUNTDOWN showed no endorsements yet for Ralph Nader.
  19. The latest Newsweek poll
  20. Bush begins campaigning
  21. The top five third-party candidates by percentage of the popular vote
    in American presidential history. 
  22. Teddy Roosevelt trying to reclaim the White House in 1912
    on the Bull Moose Party.  All he managed to do was split the republican vote and put the Democrat Woodrow Wilson in the White House.
  23. Bonus link
  24. Ross Perot.  12 years ago, nearly 19 percent.
  25. Fighting Bob LaFollet, another progressive in 1924.
  26. The segregationist, George Wallace in `68, nearly 14 percent.
  27. James Weaver, 1892, the populist.

Today’s Top Three Newsmakers

  1. Donald Trump : "I don't say my hair is my greatest strength in the world, but it's not terrible."
  2. Assistant principal really did not like one of his students, so he planted some marijuana in the boy`s locker.
  3. Hey, buddy, this your cow?  Move your cow

Let's Play Oddball!

  1. What could be odder than 5,000 Italians in silly costumes hurling oranges at one another?
  2. After looking for 18 months, police say they have found most of the garden gnomes, bird houses, gargoyles, ceramic frogs, signs, wind chimes, doormats, and wagon wheels that have been pilfered from homes in Clackamas and Washington counties
  3. We know about Al Franken, but Bill O`Reilly versus Snoop Dogg?
  4.`s Jeannette Walls quotes O`Reilly as responding, "I'll be happy to have lunch with him at any time."
  5. This public service message from Hooters Airline: Please leave your seat back in the upright and locked position, do not try to remove it as a souvenir.

COUNTDOWN is happy to present this Thursday, live coverage of the most important event in the history of mankind.  

Keeping Tabs

  1. The Associated Press has surveyed 1,000 Americans about the Super Bowl incident; 80 percent of the respondents said it was a waste of time for the FCC to investigate.
  2. Justin Timberlake is in a new kind of trouble .
  3. O.J. Simpson tried to appear at a Saint Louis autograph signing event Saturday -- tried to.
  4. " Jerry Springer the Opera" has won four Olivier Awards in London`s equivalent of the Tonys. 


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