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    >>> asey anthony , now that she's been acquitted of murdering her daughter, what will her future hold. good morning, lillian.

    >> good morning to you, david. here at the courthouse, many are upset about the verdicts saying little caylee did not get justice. casey anthony did nget a fresh start, she'll be a free woman soon, free to talk to publishers and anyone willing to hear her story.

    >> reporter: she went from a young mother raising a little girl .

    >> will the defendant rise along with counsel.

    >> reporter: to an accused murderer instantly recognizable worldwide.

    >> not guilty.

    >> reporter: now the dramatic murder trial has come to a close and many are asking if she'll cash in on her newfound fame.

    >> a child has been killed. to make money out of it -- it's not a good idea.

    >> am i going to buy the book? no way. will people buy the book? yes.

    >> reporter: whatever casey anthony decides, there's money to be made.

    >> there's going to be a bidding war, let's not kid ourselves. $750 million on a book deal, most are saying they'll take her.

    >> reporter: it's called the biggest courtroom shockers since o.j. simpson .

    >> not guilty.

    >> reporter: he wked free and wrote a book "if i did it." could casey anthony do the same?

    >> she's arguably the world's most famous woman today. everyone wants to hear what's happened, everyone wants to hear from her. if she admits it, it's double jeopardy , it's over.

    >>eporter: casey gave a hint of what she might do. she wrote hundreds of pages of letters to a jailhouse friend, fellow inmate, robin adams. those letters with turned ove to authorities. in one letter, casey wrote, i always wanted to adopt a baby or a child from another country. she told her friend, let's make a deal, we get pregnant together. in another letter she wrote, i need a vacation, i was thinking costa rica . she even wrote about being famous, saying men call her hot and sexy, gag me, she wrote. is this what celebrities have to deal with? right now some say casey anthony is more of a villain than a starlet in the public eye where she goes from here is all up to her.

    >> casey anthony will never be able to sell herself as a sympathetic figure to most americans. disgusted by you, curious about you. she doesn't have to be liked or sympathetic to make money.

    >> in those jailhouse letters, casey anthony said, when she got out, she was going to get a makeover and go blond or red. she can't wait to sit on a comfy couch and watch reruns. the first movie she wants to watch, "dumb and dumber."jones is a vete ran legal commentator. samantha guthrie is a legal consultant. how are you?

    >> good morning.

    >> savannah, what's the actual procedure?

    >> it depends on florida. but in most cases, there can be testimony. the judge is going to be considering her background, the severity of the crimes. and the judge will be able to take into account t fact that what she lied about, the fact that they're misdemeanor charges were quite serious indeed. faces up to four years. she served three years in ja. now she had a fraud conviction and she was sentenced to time served on that. i don't think the judge would apply the time served -- you don't get to double bill in terms of time served . while it's possible she'll be let out today, i don't think it's necessarily true she'll be let out today.

    >> that's true. what are the factors that the judge will be weighing given time served and let her go.

    >> the impact on law enforcement and the resources used on law enforcement because of her lies and the long-term effect of her lies. a child died. we'll never know what absolutely happened to that child. it was directly attributable to these lies that law enforcement was not able to accurately investigate. what about the costs? kerry sanders mentioned they've got legal papers , the prosecutiodoes to put her on the hook for that. does she have to reach a certain threshold on what she's trying to learn.

    >> there could be an attachment to anything she earned. you remember back all those years to the o.j. simpson civil trial what could happen is not only could there be a lawsuit to recover the costs, there could be a fine attached to the sentence today. she may get a minimal amount of time left since she's done so much in time served . a huge fine. if she's smacked with $1.5 million fine that she has to pay back, that would be attached to any future earnings.

    >> talking about o.j. simpson and she did face that wrongful death suit after the acquittal. he became a pariah that's convicted of other crimes. what did she face in that way. fame and notoriety. she seems to be heading toward notoriety.

    >> it's a different kind of justice. she appears at this moment to be one of the most hated womenn america. she has no family support system to speak of. you can't imagine she's going to move home, not just because everybody would know she's there but her family relationships appear to be in tatters because of the defense strategies that were pursued accusing her father, brother, and mother. she faces a hard road ahead, the cost of investigation and prosecution. if the judge did that, he would hold a hearing later to determine how much it is. but, yeah, she could be dogged by this kind of thing for the rest of her life.

    >> star, tell me something else that was sticking out for me is that as much outrage as there may be on the part of this little girl , which is justified, the reality is this government has to prove the case.

    >> absolutely.

    >> if the government can't bring a good prosecution, it shouldn't get conviction. it happen in the simpson case, it happened here in a tough circumstantial case and it didn't do the job.

    >> our job in television or newspapers to not give people unreasonable expectationings. it's really the public's reaction to the verdict. if you listen to the juror last night, i watched that. the juror made it very clear -- they're not sure that this woman was even involved in tir -- that baby's disappearance and death. that said to you, the prosecution's statement was wholly rejected. not just well, maybe we didn't tie all of the knots. they rejected the prosecution theory.

    >> could you, on a legal matter, she talked about the jailhouse letters she wanted to adopt, she may want to be a parent. is there anything legally that makes that a difficult road for her?

    >> i don't think legally? but as a practical matter, i can't believe any adoption agency would not scrutinize an application. she was adjudicated and acquitted. she's still not guilty in the eyes of the law.

    >> she'll lose some civil penalties , some civil rights . she's 25, she's going to get pregnant tomorrow.

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Timeline: Verdict reached in Casey Anthony murder trial


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