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  Why the first lady is key in making a great president

Toronto mayor denies alleged crack video

  Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, is under fire after the Toronto Star reported he has a substance abuse problem and was caught on camera smoking a crack pipe. He denies the allegations. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

Organizations cash in on commercial potential of cancer

  The Melissa Harris-Perry panelists talk about the “pinking” of America and the “breast cancer bandwagon.”

What we should know: New gun legislation inspired by Bonds film

  James Bond influences new gun legislation, John Edwards renews lawyer license and other stories top Steve Kornacki’s “what you should know list” for the upcoming week. The Up panel joins to share their stories as well.

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  Is Beyoncé expecting baby No. 2?

Bonnie Fuller from and Roseanne Colletti from Gossip Gram discuss Seth Meyers replacing Jimmy Fallon on “Late Night,” Barbara Walters announcing she’ll retire, and fans of Beyoncé specualating about whether she is pregnant again.

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Family Ford
Family Ford

August 1974: Gerald Ford, 38th President of the United States, and his family at home. Front, left to right: Michael, Mrs Betty Ford, Gerald Ford and the family dog Sugar. Back, left to right: Steven, Susan and Jack.