Countdown’s Top Five

  1. The backfired proposal in public that turned out to be a publicity stunt. 
  2. The governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, pretends to get a phone call conversation with God in the middle of a speech. [ press mention] [ transcribed ]  
  3. And two things you need to know about No. 2
  4. Governor Mike just wants to rock.
  5. His third book was entitled " Living Beyond Your Lifetime." 
  6. President Bush reversing his 2000 campaign stance, saying now that banning gay marriage is not a states' rights issue anymore.  He wants a national constitutional amendment against it.
  7. The three goofiest, weirdest or most angering things said recently by politicians.
  8. Governor Schwarzenegger: "Gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman."
  9. A classic Mr. Bushism with a policy twist: "My pro-life position is, I
    believe there's life."
  10. Education Secretary Rod Paige yesterday called the largest teachers
    union a " terrorist organization ."  He apologized.
  11. When TV mixes with politics
  12. Vladimir Putin has offed his entire Cabinet on live TV.
  13. Officials in Hawaii were worried about the Democratic caucuses there tonight because of the TV show "American Idol."   Jonah Moananu is on.
  14. A new survey of television viewers finding that two-thirds of Americans support the idea of televising executions , even pay-per-view. 
  15. The 10-year-old child lured out of the supermarket, sexually molested, she is back home, police now looking for the suspect. 
  16. Just how abductors and child molesters lure their victims, as ranked by Ken Wooden:
  17. Molesters and abductors can offer or give the victim love and friendship to gain their trust
  18. Playing games, wrestling, even tickling the child, or even dressing up as clowns or magicians to attract kids.
  19. Offering glamour or fame, like a move role, beauty contest.
  20. They offer a job.  They`ll lure teenagers to isolated location, promising a job interview.   
  21. Lawmakers want to know why the CIA had the first name and number of a 9/11 operative in 1999, yet did nothing about him
  22. George Tenet denied that his agency blew this never-before known opportunity to
    disrupt the 9/11 plot.
  23. Whatever is or is not left of al-Qaeda, it can still talk a good game .  Two Arabic television networks, today, broadcasting audiotapes believed to have been recorded by Osama bin Laden`s No. 2 thug.
  24. The five other key 9/11 tips that might have helped unravel the plot: 
  25. The CIA also failing to warn the Immigration Service to be on the lookout for those suspects who then enter the the U.S. without any problem. 
  26. The CIA learning that two future 9/11 hijackers had met with al-Qaeda in Malaysia, it did nothing with that information. 
  27. The CIA learning top plotter, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, had been in the U.S., but it kept that to itself. 
  28. In 1998, U.S. intelligence agencies learned that al-Qaeda was planning attacks inside the U.S.
  29. The government knew that by 1994 terrorists might use airplanes as weapons.
  30. Colonel Gadhafi`s prime minister told the BBC, Libya admitted guilt only because, quote:  "We thought it was easier for us to buy peace and this is why we agreed on compensation." 
  31. Nobody may build anything at the World Trade Center site for a long time.  "The process, says veteran legal journalist Steven Brill, "hinges on a lawsuit against his insurers filed by the center's leaseholders, Larry Silverstein.

Today’s Top Three Newsmakers

  1. Whoever it was at the ad agency trying to sell Mitsubishi cars in Germany, they decided to use the English language catch phrase "Drive Alive" in their ads.  They meant lively driving or driving that makes you feel alive.  Eighty-two percent of Germans surveyed thought that meant survive the drive in our car.  Talk about lost in translation.
  2. Somebody swipes a 123-year-old $95,000 violin and immediately tries to sell it at a record store. 
  3. Unnamed thieves in the Ukraine steal local bridge.

Let's Play Oddball!

  1. In Houston, an armed robbery suspect has refused to pull over for police... and they're off!
  2. In Kent, England, morning-after guilt.
  3. Airport screener screens self.
  4. Green and bear it.

COUNTDOWN is happy to present this Thursday, live coverage of the most important event in the history of mankind.  

Keeping Tabs

  1. Janet Jackson out of Lena Horne movie
  2. Janet`s brother, what's his name:
  3. "Celebrity Justice" reporting that the mother of two of Jackson`s children
    has filed formal requests for full custody of the kids. 
  4. The New York Daily News reporting that, to cover loans and other expenses, Jackson may have to sell his own catalog of music or offer shares in future royalties.  [Sorry, can't find a link for this one -ed.]
  5. Jack Osbourne's girlfriend Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of Rod Stewart, gave him her used breast implants for his birthday.


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