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Video: Plot thickens in UK hacking case

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    >>> the rupert murdock media family is metastasizing tonight, from britain to america with two big resignations and an apology from murdock himself. this started with newspaper reporters hacking into e-mails of ordinary citizens and government officials. we don't know how many people are who they are, but it's already cost murdock dearly. today the woman who ran his uk newspaper business quit and the man who ran "the wall street journal " for murdock quit at 67 years with him. we'll talk business impact tonight with david faber of cnbc in just a moment. the breaking news out of london tonight , nbc's stephanie gosk starts us off tonight.

    >> reporter: he was the head of the news international. the rebecca brooks also resign d ed today. she wothe most damaging accusations over the years t one that triggered this crisis, led rupert murdock to an unlikely meeting here tonight. rupert murdock met abby dowler's family. when the meeting ended, murdock was greeted outside by cat calls. he was ushered inside but wouldn't stay there long.

    >> the founder of the company, i was told the find out what happened and i apologize.

    >> reporter: earlier in the today rebecca brooks resigned. in a letter to her staff who wrote, this is now detracted attention from all our honest endeavors to fix the problems of the past. that began this week by shutting down the news of the world and then backed out a mulmultimillion dollar merger with bskyb. we are sorry for the serious wrong doing that occurred, it will say, we regret not acting faster to sort things out. but tonight it is clear murdock 's problems aren't just here in the uk, hinckley's resignation followed an announcement from the fbi that it has opened it's own investigation into news international. a there was an unsubstantiated report that news of the world tried to hack the e-mails of 9/11 victims. they can expect a grilling. brian?

    >> stephanie gosk starting us off

Timeline: Tabloid stir: Phone-hacking scandal intensifies


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