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Video: Scotland Yard had evidence of hacking for years

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    >>> more explosive revelations today in the phone hacking scandal that is threatening rupert murdoch 's media empire. the controversy has drawn in british government and police.

    >> reporter: scotland yard now admits it kept 11,000 pages of evidence containing names of 4,000 alleged victims of the scandal and did almost nothing. tonight, the actor, hugh grant , is suing scotland yard . during those same years, the executive frequently denied wrong doing. now, it's a apologies that are repeated. tomorrow in another ad in british newspapers , the media mogul promises tough action to prevent more phone hacking.

    >> the problem is not that this is the wrong thing to do. the problem is he didn't do it a week ago.

    >> reporter: for the owner of the post, each new drama risks turning a crisis into a catastrophe. the resignation of les hinton has not stopped speculation that murdoch 's own son could be a casualty.

    >> by getting rid of the publisher of the wall street journal .

    >> reporter: the prime minister is under fire for inviting murdoch and his executives to dinners and weekends away. david cameron even hired a former editor of the news of the world while the police hired a former deputy editor. both have been arrested as politicians of all parties now openly attack murdoch . a man they once feared.

    >> is it over? perhaps for him. it's certainly over in terms of the great power and command that he has had in britain over the political class.

    >> reporter: a lawyer for the family of a murdered teenage girl says when murdoch met him this week, he had his head in his hands. perhaps it suggested both how sorry murdoch is and how bad it has become. tonight, the sunday telegraph newspaper is reporting that paul mccartney and david beckham believe they might have been victims and the actor, jude law , thinks he was targeting while in the united

Timeline: Tabloid stir: Phone-hacking scandal intensifies


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