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    >>> the true media empires in the world. it's threatened and under attack. it's the empire of rupert murdoch , newspaper man who shut down one of his many papers but remains in the business along with some of the great name plates in film and television. it started with newspaper reporters eaves dropping on the cell phones of innocent people, claims more victims and may soon be felt here in the u.s. than many first thought. it's galloping through great britain where it is the story. we get to hear from rupert murdoch . tonight there's been another development in this. we begin with stephanie gosk in london. stephanie , good evening.

    >> good evening, brian. every day since this scandal broke, there seems it be a new bombshe bombshell. revelations, resignations, arrests. the last 24 hours is no exception. it's left people in this country wondering and worried what will happen next. the fabled scotland yard is reeling after two sudden resignations of its most senior leadership. sir paul stephenson , the police chief , and his deputy, john yates , career policemen who are the latest casualties in the phone hacking scandal. scotland yard is being accused of mishandling the investigation into "news of the world qug, maintaining close relationships with the very people they were supposed to be investigating. police officers accepting bribes from reporters has allegedly been commonplace. stephenson and yates deny any wrong doing on their part.

    >> i have acted with complete in integrity and my conscience is clear.

    >> now the department tasked with counterterrorism and the 2012 olympics must find new leadership. what started as a scandal involving a single newspaper has now grown so large, it is rocking this country's institutions and the murdoch empire. so far, there has been four high profile resignations, ten arrests. most recently, rebecca brooks, one of rupert murdoch 's most trusted executives. she resigned and was arrested two days later. bro brooks, who denies any wrongdoing, has been a power broker for over a decade.

    >> very political, good at getting alongside people.

    >> including david cameron . details of his visits with media heads were released over the weekend. since elected, he has met with brooks and other murdoch editors dozens of times. he has faced withering criticism for ties to andy colson , who once served as his communications chief. colson was also arrested last week. cameron is increasingly on the defensive, facing an energized opposition.

    >> terrible error of judgment in hiring andy colson . i really say the prime minister has to get a grip. he has to come clean and also own up to the mistakes he made.

    >> in a bizarre twist tonight, news that a former "news of the world" reporter and whistleblower has been found dead in his home in england. seen here on the bbc, he was the first journalist to go on the record, pointing the finger directly at andy colson , accusing him of actively encouraging phone hacking. the death is not suspicious, police say, but they are still investigating. all eyes will be on parliament when rupert murdoch , his son, james, and rebecca brooks take questions. they still want him to answer who knew what and how far up the chain of command did it go, brian.

    >> stephanie gosk starting us off from our london bureau this

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