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Video: Where did Casey Anthony’s mystery flight land?

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    >>> but let's begin with casey anthony , and the question, is she hiding out on the west coast this morning? nbc's kerry sanders is in carlsbad, california with the latest on this story. hey, kerry, good morning.

    >> reporter: good morning, ann. i'm in southern california . yes, in carlsbad. it's an upscale coastal community not far from san diego . when casey anthony was released from jail in orlando two days ago, she vanished. but now sources say she climbed on board an airplane, an aircraft kept at a hangar right here. that aircraft flying west, making multiple stops, where she may or may not have stepped off.

    >> this is the first place you would go search.

    >> reporter: todd makaluso was a high-powered california attorney, once a member of casey anthony 's legal team who reportedly gave her $70,000 before leaving the case last year.

    >> there is substantial evidence, and that proves, your honor, her innocence.

    >> reporter: on his website, he sizes his private plane , a plane that enables us to travel anywhere within the united states in seven hours. the day before casey was released from jail, his plane was on the ground in orlando, according to flightaware.com, a website which tracks commercial and private air crafts. pilots are not required to file flight plans for every trip, but the next time the plane showed up was in panama city , florida, nearly four hours after casey 's release from jail. after changing its planned destination twice, according to flightaware records, makalusa's plane headed to prescott, arizona. almost 15 hours later, the plane stopped in northern california . and then landed at the john wayne airport here in southern california . makalusa declined to comment to nbc news, and casey anthony 's legal team will not say if she was on board or if she is now in california .

    >> there might be somebody, if they want to spend enough money and effort and energy trying to find her. but it won't do them any good, because they won't be able to get to her, won't be able to talk to her, and when they blink, she'll be gone.

    >> reporter: it's unclear who is funding casey anthony 's life right now. she left jail with only $537.68. there is talk of a possible pay per view television interview, but she has also been hit with an irs tax lien and four different lawsuits. you may remember one of the key pieces of evidence the prosecution had during trial was taken from the anthonys' family home computer . they said they found 84 searches on the hard drive for chloroform. but during trial, according to the "new york times," the owner of the company that created the software that extracted that information from the hard drive said that the software was faulty, and is there were not 84 searches, there was only one. we attempted to contact the prosecutors to ask them for their reaction to this. they did not respond to us, nor did they respond to the "new york times." remember, it was that chloroform search that was a linchpin of the prosecution's case, because they claimed that casey had poisoned her little daughter caylee with chloroform. ann?

    >> all right, kerry sanders this morning. thanks.

    >>> star jones is a former prosecutor and veteran legal commentator, and savannah guthrie is today's legal correspondent. good morning to both of you.

    >> good morning.

    >> on this last point, is it possible that the prosecution failed in its duties during the trial that it wasn't 84, according to the software design who said it was 84, but when they checked the data and checked and scoffed glitches, it was only one time there was a chloroform search?

    >> law and ethics require the prosecution to turn over any information that it might -- that might be exculpatory to the defendant. if they found out prior to the close of their case that what was considered a linchpin, if you will, of their case, there was material that suggested they put on false evidence, in theory, they should turn it over.

    >> yeah, if it's exculpatory evidence , they should have turned it over. what i think is interesting here, there was testimony from a different search engine company that said it was only searched one time. so the jurors did hear this evidence that it wasn't 84 hits, it was only 1. one thing, though, i remember -- i think i commented on at the time. in the closing argument by the prosecution, they never mentioned those computer searches. and i remember thinking, that's odd. that was their key evidence of premeditation. why did they drop the issue in closing arguments?

    >> this may be the reason why.

    >> this is an argument. if you know or you think there is material that went in before the jury that should not have gone in, if you don't use it in the -- as part of your closing statement , then that's a good suggestion that you knew there were some problems.

    >> but doesn't that mean -- where does this go from here? in other words, if this, in fact, is found to be true, this "new york times" article, how does it effect then how this case -- how all of this debate goes from here?

    >> i think it's probably a nonissue. prosecutors if they failed to turn over exculpatory evidence may have an ethics issue on their hands. if she been convicted we would have a different story, we would have a hot issue on appeal. but what she was convicted of was lying to investigators. it has nothing to do with this chloroform search evidence.

    >> let's talk about the story of what is going on in terms of the search to find casey anthony . at some point, they're going to -- her whereabouts are going to be known. is there anything that she can do to stall or -- there is no guide book here.

    >> she kind of has a big decision to make. does she want to live her life in relative obscurity quietly, or does she want to make the most money at this opportune time, sort of pimp out her infamy. and that is a decision she has to make. if she decides to do it quietly, that is going to a legitimate news source, not selling an interview, not having any connection to selling videos or photographs, doing it one time and walking away. if she wants to make the most of her infamy, then she can just go for the gusto.

    >> yeah, you say it's a hard choice. in some sense, i don't know if she has a choice. i don't know if she'll be able to quietly go into that good night . i think sooner or later , paparazzi cameras will find her, spectators will find her. everything she does will be interesting. it's not the situation where celebrities can kind of foreclose the cameras by releasing a photo of a new baby daughter or something. people will be interested not just in what she looks like, but they want to see what she is doing. if she goes to the grocery store, if she goes to the coffee shop . there will be, for a certain period of time, money associated with anybody who can get that photograph. so i think she is going to be dogged by the cameras for a long time.

    >> meantime, there seems to be some money in play here. we heard yesterday from chain me mason that her lifestyle will be funded by volunteers. they have had a lot of offers to help. i mean --

    >> i watched that interview. it was very curious. people just want to insert themselves into a high-profile situation. and i find it a little interesting. no matter what you feel about casey anthony , if you think she was wrongly charged and she was not responsible for the death of her child, there is no question that she didn't use her mothering instincts in the way she reported this child's disappearance and then subsequent death. so i don't know where the volunteers are coming from, if you will. these -- i want to be on team casey . it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

    >> i think people around casey need to evaluate the motives of anybody trying to insert themselves in this situation.

    >> savannah guthrie , star jones , thank you both. it's always good to have your perspective. and


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