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Building a Stronger America starts with building stronger individuals, families, communities, cities and states. In order for America to be stronger, we need to provide our citizens with the essential building blocks of wellness and growth: health, education, employment and equality for all. In a series of special events, MSNBC will provide an opportunity for the American people to listen, learn and discuss the issues which will move our nation forward. MSNBC is committed to not only being part of the discussion, but part of the solution. Join us.

From the latest Making the Grade
Jansing and Co
NJ schools prepare to implement bullying law

  Dr. Chuck Williams of Drexel University shares details from the law, which hopes to reduce the number of students being bullied.

American students fail to reach academic standards

  Newly released ACT scores show that one in four high school graduates are ready for college. Principal Rita Davis discusses.

msnbc News
Aiming for higher education

  A Making the Grade panel debates whether college should be the goal of every American student.

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Investing in technology

  Schools across the country are investing in new technologies that help their students translate the skills they’ve learned in school into skills they can use in the workforce. Students in North Carolina are using laptops to self-teach many of their lessons, and working on technology projects, such as building robots, that will give them an edge after graduation.

NBC News

Learning to succeed

  CJ Johnson and his mother have taken in more than 38 young men into their home, to help them focus on their schoolwork and find success. CJ’s daily regimen for the boys includes attending school, exercising and working in the garden. The older students also tutor those younger than them, creating a cycle of students helping other students succeed.