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Video: Cops: Man confesses to killing NYC boy

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    >> we want to begin with that chilling confession of the alleged killer of an 8-year-old boy. jeff rossen is in brooklyn with details on this and we should warn you that some of the details are disturbing, jeff.

    >> reporter: they sure are. this 8-year-old boy asked his parents over and over again, can i please just walk home from summer chasm aamp all by himself. they finally said yes. it was only about seven blocks. they even ran through it and practiced it together. but when the boy did it all by himself on monday, he walked right down this street and something went wrong. he got lost right over here at this intersection. he asked a stranger for directions. and police say that man took him and then killed him. wednesday night, thousands mourned the loss of a little boy . these are the last images ever taken of 8-year-old leibby kletzky, surveillance video showing him walking down the sidewalk on the way to meet his mom. he took a wrong turn and police say asked a man for directions. you can see him walk behind him. minutes later they walk back and police say lei bcht by gets into the man's never to be seen again.

    >> very nice boy. very nice boy.

    >> reporter: after days of searching, police got a tip from a dentist's office on the block where leibby disappeared. police rushed to the home of 35-year-old levi aron .

    >> when detectives asked where the boy was, aron nodded toward the kitchen where they observed blood.

    >> reporter: law enforcement sources say he confessed saying he drove him to a wedding, then brought him to his house where he watched tv and then fell asleep. the next day, he saw flyers about leibby's disappearance and told them i panicked and was afraid, went for a towel to smother him. police say the boy's body was dismembered with body parts pound found in the suspect's freezer and a nearby dumpster. police sources say the confession ends, i understand this may be wrong and i'm sorry for the hurt that i have caused.

    >> i'm still in shock. i need time to process what's happening in this neighborhood.

    >> reporter: this is a tight knit community where orthodox jews live together and protect each other. his accused killer was an orthodox jew .

    >> this was not some stranger, someone within the community.

    >> reporter: aron lived with his father, worked at a hardware store. he's divorced, onces married to this woman.

    >> i never once saw anything out of the ordinary or anything like that ever.

    >> reporter: aron 's lawyer had only this to say.

    >> our condolences to the family of the victim. we'll let the judicial process take its course. no further comment.

    >> reporter: aron is clarharged with second-degree murder and investigators may actually dig up his backyard later today searching for evidence of other crimes.

    >> jeff rossen for us in brooklyn this morning. thank you


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