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Migraines' Genetic Clues Could Lead to Better Treatment

About 14 percent of adults suffer from migraines, but despite their prevalence, scientists have struggled to find the biological roots of the sometimes debilitating disorder. Now, researchers have identified a dozen genetic regions linked to migraine susceptibility, according to a new study. Full story

Cindy McCain: Migraine pain is ‘indescribable’

   Approximately 36 million Americans suffer from debilitating migraine headaches, but only one drug class has been designed and approved to treat them. One woman shares her story, and Cindy McCain, wife of Sen. John McCain and a migraine sufferer for 20 years, talks about bringing more awareness to th

FDA warns on use of certain migraine drugs during pregnancy

(Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned on the use of migraine drug valproate sodium in pregnant women as it could result in lower IQ scores in the baby. Full story

Colic, childhood migraines may be linked: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Children who were colicky as infants are more likely to suffer from migraines as they get older, a new European study hints. Full story

No headache excuse! Intimacy relieves migraines

   A study from Germany indicates that intimacy can relieve migraines; about half of the test subjects said their headache symptoms improved after sex. Researchers think it’s the release of endorphins that does the trick.

Nearby lightning may be linked to migraines

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Weather has long been considered one of many potential migraine triggers, but a new study links lightning, specifically, to the onset of the severe headaches that plague more than 28 million Americans. Full story

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Does Lightning Cause Migraines?

Allergan aims to widen migraine treatment with MAP Pharma buy

Women's Migraines Not Linked to Mental Decline: Study

Cause of Brain Freeze Revealed

Millions in U.S. visit ERs for headaches


  How to beat migraine pain

Dr. Keri Peterson, internist and contributor to Women’s Health magazine, discusses what a migraine is, what causes it and how to avoid the triggers and alleviate pain.