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    >>> in washington tonight, the clock keeps ticking away towards the treasury department deadline on the debt ceiling, and as far as progress towards a solution is concerned, the situation remains, as they say, fluid. nbc's kelly o'donnell watching it all with us tonight. kelly , good evening.

    >> reporter: hi there, brian . well, there was a hurry up and get here phone call from the white house to democratic leaders here in congress late today. with less than an hour's notice to meet with the president. now this came after a day of anxiety and griping with democrats worried that the president might be about to strike a deal with speaker boehner that they wouldn't like in order to try to bring along those hard-to-wrangle house republicans. the president's budget director was here, and he got an ear fall about that from senate democrats , and it was made worse after whispers and news leaks that a bigger deal for debt reduction was close and then all sides publicly denied it.

    >> i always believe that keeping the lines of communication open were important, and frankly i think it would be irresponsible on behalf of the congress and the president not to be looking at backup strategies for how to solve this problem.

    >> there is no deal. we are not close to a deal. we are obviously the president is in discussion with all the leaders of congress.

    >> reporter: and more talking is going on, and, brian , we're hearing complaints from democrats and republicans, even veteran members of congress, that they don't like that these negotiations are happening in secret. they don't know the details, and there's so little time left before that deadline for preventing default. brian ?

    >> august 2nd it is. kelly o'donnell on the hill for us tonight, kelly , thanks.

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