Explainer: 10 gadgets for warfare in the urban jungle

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    Suit up! You're going to battle in the urban jungle. You'll need to be prepared with the right equipment, and we have provided a list of products that will keep you connected while also keeping you mobile. Cue '80s movie "lock and load" montage — only this time Rambo is wearing glasses and an ironic T-shirt.

  • Grab-It pack holster

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    Don't call it a fanny pack! This is a tactical, leg-mounted gadget holster for the urban commando. It was developed by a stuntman to help you keep all of your gadgets and tools at the ready. It's made of water-resistant cordura nylon for extra toughness and it was designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to wear. Does it look stupider than a pair of cargo pants? You bet it does — but it's also a lot more practical since the contents of each pocket aren't flapping about. They move with you, which helps keep you more nimble as you dart through the city streets on the way to Starbucks. $24.99-$39.99 — ThinkGeekvia Fashionably Geek

  • Gerber Steady multi-tool

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    You'll need a proper tool to survive in the urban jungle, and the new Gerber Steady will more than fit the bill. It features 12 tools in all — most of them standard for a multi-tool — but it also includes a tripod with a screw mount so you can take that perfect steady photo for Google +. That's right, you'll need  Google + instead of Facebook to ensure that your secret information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Look for the Gerber Steady to hit store shelves next spring for $65. Gerbervia Nerd Approved

  • Wi-Fi detector shirt

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    In a survival situation you must prioritize finding a water source to stay alive. In an urban environment, that's replaced by the need to leech off of someone else's Wi-Fi to maintain a steady flow of stupid cat videosto your mobile devices. This Wi-Fi detector shirt will help you do just that as it features a built-in signal detector with a glowing display to help you locate active signals and determine their strength. $14.99 — via ThinkGeek

  • Hymini charger

    Obviously you'll need some sort of mobile charging device to keep all of your gadgets in working order while out in the field. The best approach is to choose something that's off the grid. The Hymini is a portable battery that can supplement charging with a micro wind power generator and optional solar panels. Supposedly, if you mount the generator on a car window, traveling at 40 mph can add as much as 40 minutes to your cell phone talk time. The problem is that if you drive any faster, the Hymini will cut off charging to the battery for safety reasons — and your fellow commuters might take issue with a man driving 38 in a 60-mph zone. The good news is that it will work great mounted on a bike as well. $49.99 — Hymini

  • GPS shoes

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    GTX's GPS-enabled shoes are designed to help people keep track of loved ones with Alzheimers or dementia, but I suppose they would also come in handy for keeping tabs on children, your progress while jogging or, more importantly, helping your fellow nerd soldiers track you in the event of a kidnapping (who wouldn't kill to find out your secrets?). Of course, the most frequent use will probably be helping your friends find what Dumpster you are in after a night of drinking. At any rate, these GPS shoes can be set to provide alerts for caregivers on their smartphone when the wearer wanders beyond a pre-set distance. It will also provide a direct link to their location via Google Maps. Pricing not available — GPS Shoes

  • Scottevest SeV Travel Boxers

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    Scottevest has made a name for itself by selling jackets, shirts and pants that are equipped with a ridiculous amount of pockets for your gadgets. That's all well and good, but if you want a place to hide your most important gadgets and documents you need a pair of their SeV Travel Boxers. They feature a pocket for your cellphone and your passport/wallet. They are made from anti-microbial and stain-resistant fabric. These are important features to have when you are on a mission to the bathroom in the morning. Admit it, we all need a place to store our smartphones after we've finished reading on the toilet. $20 — Scottevestvia Fashionably Geek

  • Bluetooth watch

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    They say watches are useless in the era of the cell phone, but when you get a call in the heat of the moment, you'll be glad you have this Bluetooth watch. It displays the caller ID on the face when you receive a call, and you can quickly mute the phone directly — saving you the time and effort of pulling out the phone itself. It even shows a icon when you receive a text message. This will come in especially handy when you are sitting down while wearing tight pants. $79.99 — ThinkGeek

  • Buttonhole camera

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    When infiltrating a closed door meeting at work regarding sensitive information on new products, the buttonhole camera can help secret tipsters pull off those blurry product shots (up to 720x576 resolution) thanks to a tiny 1/4-inch wide camera a 2.5-inch TFT display that fits in a pants pocket and a coin-sized wireless remote that can be hidden in the palm of your hand. Supports up to 16 GB SD cards. $199.95 — Hammacher Schlemmer

  • Jawbone's UP bracelet

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    You need to keep your body working like a finely tuned machine at all times — and that means fueling up on a steady diet of pizza, Mountain Dew and cable television. To that end. you can also use Jawbone's UP bracelet to monitor your sleeping, exercise and eating habits via an embedded accelerometer and a smartphone app. Details are scarce on the device, but it is expected to launch sometime before the end of the year. Jawbone

  • Suitcase-sized cell tower

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    AT&T's Remote Mobility Zone solutions are designed for communications emergencies, but for most nerds being stuck without a cell phone signal is reason enough to move to DEFCON 1. Their "Fly Away" solution packs a cell site inside a suitcase that can extend connectivity up to one-half mile while supporting up to 28 users. There are a few problems with this solution, however. It's a little hefty at around 100 pounds, the small satellite dish must be carried separately, it costs as much as $45,000 for the optimal configuration ($2,700 per month service plan) and it is only available to government agencies. AT&T

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