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    MATT LAUER, co-host: Casey Anthony 's whereabouts have been a closely guarded secret since she was acquitted of murdering her daughter. But now a judge says that Anthony must return to Florida by tomorrow afternoon. NBC 's Kerry Sanders is in Orlando to explain. Kerry , good morning to you.

    KERRY SANDERS reporting: Well, good morning, Matt. A judge has ordered that Casey Anthony has to show up at this building here in Orlando and meet her probation officer. Everyone thought she was free to go wherever she wanted, that she had no need for any sort of supervision, but now the judge has clarified an order saying she has a one-year probation to serve and she has to complete that time right here Orlando . Two weeks ago when Casey Anthony walked out of jail a free woman, Orlando attorney Richard Hornsby wondered how could she simply disappear when she still had a year's probation to fulfill. He had been a legal analyst during the eight week-long trial at Orlando NBC affiliate WESH 2 News .

    Mr. RICHARD HORNSBY: It's going to be interesting to see how Jeff Ashton comes at him.

    SANDERS: Sixteen months ago Casey plead guilty to passing bad checks.

    Judge STAN STRICKLAND: Are you entering this plea freely and voluntarily?

    Ms. CASEY ANTHONY: Yes, I am.

    SANDERS: The store security camera showed her buying sunglasses, clothes, even the blue hoodie she wore when she was arrested.

    Ms. ANTHONY: I'm sorry for what I did. I take complete and full responsibility for my actions.

    SANDERS: The sentence in the check fraud case handed down by Judge Stan Strickland called for a year's probation .

    Judge STRICKLAND: Has anybody forced you or coerced you into doing this?

    SANDERS: Yet somehow Casey was given credit for that probation while in her jail cell.

    Mr. HORNSBY: I kind of felt like Casey Anthony was getting a significant break that the average Joe would not have gotten.

    SANDERS: On Monday Judge Strickland issued a clarification of his sentence, and ordered Casey Anthony , "You shall report within 72 hours to the probation and parole office in Orange County , Florida ."

    Unidentified Woman: We the jury find the defendant not guilty.

    SANDERS: Casey , who was declared indigent by the court, has been in hiding. If she follows the court order to return to Orlando , it's unclear where she would live. Maybe at her parents' home where she once lived with her daughter Caylee . While it may not apply to her, in the most extreme cases in Florida some paroled convicts forced to provide an address choose to live under bridges, in homeless camps.

    Ms. GRETL PLESSINGER (Florida Department of Corrections): Every offender must give us an address or a location of where they're going to be so we can supervise them. That might be a home, it might be a hotel room, it might be a sidewalk, it might be the parking lot of a probation office.

    SANDERS: Under Florida law , whatever address she gives would be made public, part of the public record, posted even on the Internet unless a special exception is made. Now, Casey 's attorney, Cheney Mason , says he plans to go to court today to file a motion to get Judge Strickland disqualified from this case, and he hopes in the process his order requiring Casey Anthony show up at
updated 8/2/2011 10:23:53 AM ET 2011-08-02T14:23:53

A lawyer for Casey Anthony is expected to begin a legal battle against a judge's decision to order her to serve a year of supervised probation over a check fraud case, NBC News reported.

On Monday, Circuit Judge Stan Strickland signed amended court documents requiring Anthony to return to Orange County, Fla., within 72 hours.

Anthony was in jail awaiting trial for the murder of her daughter Caylee when she was sentenced last year in the check fraud case.

However, there was confusion over whether she was supposed to serve her probation while in jail or on her release from custody.

Strickland said at the time he had meant that Anthony — found not guilty of killing her daughter and released in July — should serve the probation order if and when she was freed.

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The court documents were amended, then signed by Strickland Monday, to make this clear.

NBC's Kerry Sanders reported Tuesday on TODAY that Anthony's lawyers were preparing to mount a challenge.

According to Sanders, Anthony's attorney, Cheney Mason, will go to court Tuesday to file a motion to have Strickland disqualified from the case and the court order overturned.

The Orlando Sentinel reported Monday that Anthony's lawyers were expected to argue that she has already served the probation order while in jail.

Where will Anthony live?
If Anthony does return to Orange County, it's unclear where she would live.

According to Sanders, parolees must give an address or location so they can be supervised under Florida law.

The law also requires that the address be made part of the public record unless a special exception is made.

NBC-affiliate station WESH 2 reported that its legal analyst, Richard Hornsby, believed that if Anthony does serve probation, it will not be be very strict.

"It's not like she will have to wear a GPS monitor or have constant contact," the defense attorney said.

Anthony pleaded guilty in January 2010 to 13 counts in a check fraud case, NBC-affiliate station reported.

She was sentenced to 412 days in Orange County Jail with credit for 412 days time served and was ordered to pay $5,517.75 in court costs, in addition to the year's probation.

NBC News obtained a copy of the amended documents, which explain that "the Defendant is to report to Probation upon release."

Under its terms, she must "make a full and truthful report to your [her] Probation Officer" not later than the fifth day of each month, pay the State of Florida at least $20 a month toward the cost of her supervision, not change her residence without consent and not carry any firearm or weapon without permission.

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