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In the epic battle between the middle America, you can score a battle over “The Passion” a knock-out win for middle America. 

The hatred aimed at Mel Gibson‘s movie “The Passion” is getting more intense every day.  Can you believe “60 Minutes” commentator Andy Rooney dismissed Mel Gibson as a wacko on Sunday? Thursday morning, he told Imus he wouldn‘t go to the movie because he “refused to waste nine bucks on a couple of laughs.”

Meanwhile, “New York Times” continues its all-out assault on Gibson, trashing the movie in a review and running a hate-filled Maureen Dowd column in today‘s edition.  It seems big media simply can‘t grasp why stupid Americans like you and me would make “The Passion of Christ” one of the biggest movie openings in Hollywood history.  But I think it‘s just like I suspected all along:  The kings of Hollywood and the bishops of broadcasting just don‘t get it. 

Meanwhile, Hollywood moguls are swearing revenge against Gibson and saying he‘ll never work in that town again.  But even if Gibson is attacked for being a devout Christian, I‘ve got a feeling that the Aussie actor really couldn‘t care less, because let‘s face it,  “The Passion” is a big hit.  Mel Gibson is vindicated.  And there ain‘t a thing that big media can do about it. 

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