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Video: More than 200 arrested in London riots

  1. Transcript of: More than 200 arrested in London riots

    BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: Now we turn our coverage to London tonight , where this is a violent time in one neighborhood of that city, another dangerous night of riots and open fires. And NBC 's Michelle Kosinski is there for us tonight. Michelle , good evening.

    MICHELLE KOSINSKI reporting: Hi, Brian. The extent of damage at this point is staggering considering it's been the work of fairly small groups of young men, but in pockets now across the city. And London burns again tonight. Look at that, that's a furniture store in the south. But this started on Saturday in North London after a peaceful vigil for a man shot dead by police last week, a case that's under investigation. So since then rioters have organized over social media to torch buildings and cars, throw things at police, and seemingly proudly loot stores in the middle of the day , everything from sneakers to televisions. The government says that seems to be the main goal right now, calling it sheer opportunistic criminality and thuggery. The perpetrators say it's about anger against police, who admit they've struggled to control this, calling in now hundreds of reinforcements from outside London . They've arrested more than 200 people, the youngest charged is 11 years old. But it doesn't seem to be

    slowing down at this point. Brian: Michelle Kosinski in our NBC News London bureau tonight. Michelle ,



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