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Wolves help preserve berries for imperiled Yellowstone bears: study

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) - The return of wolves to Yellowstone National Park may be helping imperiled grizzly bears to survive by keeping elk herds on the move and preventing them from destroying berries that are a staple food for grizzlies, according to a new study.Full story

Computer Identifies Individual Wolves' Howls

The howl of a wolf in the wilderness may make your spine tingle — it has a similar effect on wolf conservationists, who have struggled for years to accurately analyze the sounds that wolves make. Full story

Montana looks to expand hunting of wolves despite criticism

(Reuters) - Conservationists are criticizing a plan by wildlife managers in Montana that would nearly double the number of wolves a person is allowed to kill each year, lengthen the hunting season and sanction shooting of wolves near baited traps. Full story

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Eastern Wolves Deemed Separate Species

Urban Coyotes Could Set Stage for Larger Predators


  Mexican gray wolf makes a comeback in the U.S.

Once considered extinct in the U.S. the Mexican Gray Wolf is making a comeback. KPNX's Trisha Hendricks reports.

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Gray Wolves of Montanta
Gray Wolves of Montanta

Jan 06, 2008 - Montana, USA - Alpha male Gray Wolf Grey Wolf confrontation with beta male wolf in fresh winter snow, Montana, USA. The grey wolf or gray wolf , also known as the timber wolf or simply wolf, is the largest wild member of the Canidae family. It is an ice age survivor originating durin

** FILE ** This July 16, 2004 file photo shows a gray wolf at the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake, Minn. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has filed a formal rule to remove gray wolves from the federal endangered list in Montana and Idaho while leaving them on the list in Wyoming. The agency

Wild Canid Center
Wild Canid Center

The Mexican gray wolf is the most rare subspecies of gray wolf in North America. It is listed as critically endangered by the IUCN.

Flags to deter wolves
Flags to deter wolves

A herder with Lava Lake Lamb sets up fladry to deter gray wolves as part of the Wood River Wolf project in Idaoh.