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Video: Hate cutting the grass? Rent a goat

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    >>> do you hate cutting the grass and trimming those shrubs? you don't have to hire a gardener. all you need to do is rent a goat.

    >> reporter: yard work rarely draws a crowd. but this garden is being dribbled, not mowed? the world's biggest search engines found goats to clear corporate headquarters. google has used them for the past two years. ed bedford of chapel hill , north carolina is giving it a go. he's paying $250 to have goats eradicate his overgrown english ivey.

    >> it's less expensive than having people come out and do it by hand. it's environmentally friendly and the goats are really cool.

    >> reporter: and really hungry. allie here is typical of most goats and she will eat about eight pounds of foliage a day, if you multiply that by the eight goats that are here, means you're going to get a lot of brush covered pretty quickly.

    >> he runs rent a goat from his lap top.

    >> "the wall street journal " featured him with the headline free range landscaping.

    >> it's something to brag about, instead of pushing a lawn mower or coming out with a garden hoe , you have goats coming from raleigh.

    >> they have been used to defour poison ivey and clear hillsides too steep to klein. jeff mullen supplies the goats and calls them the perfect employees.

    >> they're never late to work, they don't call in sick, and you don't have to give them lunch.

    >> that's credibility a eet's correct an d they provide you free fertilizer and amusement.

    >> reporter: when goats stop chewing, the garden doesn't have that man ok -- manicured look.

    >> the kids would love it for a day and then i would have to go back with a lawn mower and do it the right way.


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