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Video: Congressional leaders decide the Super Committee

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    >>> joining me now democratic strategist tad devine and michael steele . this is an interesting mix, if anything is going to get done, it's going to be done this committee because they fear the triggers. they and all the lobbyists fear the automatic cuts which cannot be negotiated.

    >> it sound like we don't know all the members yet, it sounds like reasonable people are being appointed by both sides. one of the three representing the far end of the party. nevertheless people who can sit down and talk to one another. it's in their interest. in in the country's interest to accommodate one other.

    >> this could be the last best hope of getting something done and showing the markets and the american people that their government can lead.

    >> two more important constituencies for democrats and republicans. i think the picks are solid. i just tweeted on the way over here that the house picks i thought were solid, sensible, representatives of the party who will be able to go and negotiate the best deal possible for the country. i know that some folks are sort of screaming about patty murray . but at the end of the day she's chairing a committee. she's --

    >> incoming budget chair as well as --

    >> absolutely. it's not just about her role in the dccc or working with the senatorial committee. it's what she's been able to do and what she will be in this committee is what harry reid and others were looking at. she's a good compliment to toomey or, you know, some of the others that are out there. i think this is a balance that is necessary and needed right now and we'll wait to see what nancy pelosi who she puts on the table to round this thing out. they should get to work immediately. a trillion dollars is not an easy number to come up with in 30 or 60 days. i think it's going to be a busy end of the summer and early fall for them.

    >> at the same time the president facing a lot of criticism from some democrats as well. he's got in gallup a 47% approval rating which isn't bad considering everything they've been through. maureen dowd wrote, faced with a country keening for reassurance and reinvention obama seems at a loss regarding his political skills he turns out to be a odd case of a prague natist who can't learn from his mistakes and adapt.

    >> listen it's that time of year in washington. we're in august the president's going to take some hits. i found that poll very good news for the president. if you look at it closely he's ahead in 16 states in the district of columbia and ahead in the sense he has a 50% job approval or better. that's 215 electoral votes . and to find the other votes you need to win the presidency there are a lot of options for him. as i see it right now, there's a lot of talk about the president being weak on the back foot. i see the president with a solid foundation to build on in terms of lek trorl college support. if he runs a great campaign as he did last time, i think he's going to win it.

    >> what about florida , what about ohio what about winning north carolina and virginia ?

    >> listen one or more of those states is going to have to be in. ohio's lost a couple of votes. florida has picked up some votes. if you start with the base that he has a very solid base , if you look at the option for putting other states together i think you find if he wins a state like virginia , for example, he can win the presidency. if he wins virginia or north carolina he's almost unbeatable. if he wins florida there's no way the republicans can win. i see it as someone who's done this over the years with a lot of options.

    >> do you guy haves to fold your tent?

    >> oh, yeah. it's nice.

    >> quit while you're ahead.

    >> i think he puts out an optimistic scenario for the president. i think the president's got some real problems. he's forfeited a lot of ground. he still has a left base that he has to contend with and shore up going into these elections in november next year. i think republicans are still kind of figuring out themselves.

    >> host the strongest candidate against him at this point? the general election ?

    >> to be honest i don't know? i don't think that's very clear right now. we've got the perry he's a number two in national polls and he's not in the race yet. i think there's a lot of sorting out to be done on the right side of the field before we can see what a head to head looks like for obama. the president has forfeited a lot of leadership points on this discussion. really having to make up a lot of ground. he may be up 50 points or 51 points in some of these states, 15 states. but i don't think it's enough to give him the election next year at this point.

    >> michael steele , ted, great to see you again.

    >> and thank you both.


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