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Vt. tax credits will continue downtown revivals

For generations Arthurs Department Store was a fixture in Morrisville, Vt., bringing people downtown from surrounding communities. But over the decades the buildings that housed Arthurs lost the people living in the apartments upstairs and the store closed two years leaving a void in the downtown. Full story

Vt. tax credits will continue Morrisville revival

One of the officials working to revitalize the buildings that once housed the landmark Arthur's Department Store in downtown Morrisville says the $3.5 million project wouldn't have been possible without a tax credit from the state of Vermont. Full story

Iowa OKs extra $25 million for fertilizer plant

The Iowa Economic Development Authority board on Friday approved an additional $25 million in tax incentives for an Egyptian company building a fertilizer plant in southeast Iowa, even though a lawmaker expressed concerns the board was exceeding a legislative limit. Full story

NJ Senate mulls bill giving developers tax credits

New Jersey's Senate is planning to vote Monday on a bill that would use tax credits to encourage big, job-creating development projects around the state. Full story

Lawmakers tweak new business incentive program

The state Legislature has passed further changes to an economic development program that California lawmakers overhauled last week. Full story

Get tax credits for college kids living at home

   CNBC’s Sharon Epperson explains how you can get tax credits if your college aged children lived with you during the current tax year, and reviews the requirements for the Lifetime Learning and American Opportunity tax credit.

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Supreme Court weighs UK-related foreign tax credit dispute

Entrepreneurs Could Benefit from New Research and Development Tax Credit


  Hey busy moms! 3 tax deductions for you

CNBC’s personal finance correspondent Sharon Epperson points out that moms often forget about a few tax deductions that could save them thousands of dollars, including claiming charitable donations, medical expenses and using the child tax credit.

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