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  Obama makes last attempt at grand bargain

U.S. lawmakers take Washington tax reform show on the road

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Abandoning the corridors of power for a shop full of gleaming, supersized steel refrigerators and steam ovens, two U.S. lawmakers took their quixotic bid to overhaul the 70,000-page tax code on the road this week to rally public support outside Washington. Full story

Some lawmakers bristle at tax overhaul starting with 'blank slate'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate's Republican leader and one of its most liberal members seldom agree on much, but on Tuesday both threw cold water on efforts by senior tax legislators to overhaul the U.S. tax code by starting with a "blank slate." Full story

Erskine Bowles' Wipe the Slate Clean Tax Reform

  Erskine Bowles, Debt Commission co-chairman, discusses overhauling the current tax code to help create jobs and make the nation more competitive.

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Senate tax-writers give colleagues deadline for tax fixes

U.S. tax writers to propose a controversial tax code revamp

Support grows for U.S. offshore corporate income tax cut: lawmaker

Lawmakers go online for grassroots push on tax reform

Special interests defend breaks in report on tax overhaul

As Tax Reform Stalls, Small-Business Owners Spend Up To 150 Hours on Their Taxes

New estate tax rules call for new planning tactics

Report: The ’47%’ pay more of their income in taxes


  How big biz works the tax code

The Up panel discusses why corporate tax reform is long overdue, through the lens of the recent revelation that Apple has been working loopholes in the tax it.