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  1. Mel Gibson`s "The Passion" as seen through the eyes of the one and only Father Guido Sarducci.
  2. Even with all the questions swirling around Michael Jackson these last 102 days, this is a new one.  What the hell was he doing shopping at a Wal-Mart in Glenwood Springs, Colorado?
  3. There are more assessments and rumors and hints about a possible capture of Osama bin Laden. Telltale hints or just wishful thinking?
  4. Most serious charge against Martha Stewart dropped. The judge in the Martha Stewart case said there was not enough evidence to prove that she was trying to deceive investors, rather than simply asserting her own innocence and protecting her reputation. 
  5. Legislating morality
  6. As the Oscars loom Sunday, the producers don't know what might be coming, they don't want it to happen, and they might just use the streamlined technology of tape delay editing for purposes of censorship -- the 5-second delay.
  7. FCC commissioner Kevin Martin is now suggesting that radio and TV services carried by cable and satellite should be subject to indecency standards just like the over-the-air stuff.

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