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    MS. GUTHRIE: Well, we, we're almost out of time here. I've got to ask you, I know you carefully considered a run for president. Do you have any regrets saying you won't? Would you reconsider and enter the race?

    GOV. DANIELS: I've been asked that question an awful lot lately, publicly and privately, and, and I think our family is at peace that we made the decision that, that is right for us. And it was made as a, as a family. And so I, I think this race can do fine without me. I do hope to be constructive in some way or another, and I'll, I'll look for some supporting role.

    MS. GUTHRIE: Would you consider a vice president as a supporting role?

    GOV. DANIELS: I think it's such a far-fetched question, I never answer it.

updated 8/21/2011 1:53:00 PM ET 2011-08-21T17:53:00

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels says he's "at peace" with his decision not to seek the Republican nomination for president.

Daniels says he sees good people with a lot of character in the field and that he believes many of them have the right skills to be president.

Video: Daniels on a Ryan presidential bid, other GOP candidates

Daniels says he believes "the more, the merrier" in the race as Republicans seek the best person to oppose President Barack Obama for re-election.

Daniels spoke Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

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