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    >>> a lot of americans now know him by the tabloids' sort hand of dhk, dominique strauss-kahn the international banker of france who was accused of rape by a aid in a midtown manhattan hotel. nbc's ron allen covering tonight has more for us, ron, good evening.

    >> reporter: good evening to you, brian. yes, this case has been falling apart for several weeks now. through it all dominique strauss-kahn has maintained his innocence all along, ever since he was arrested and pulled off a plane back in may. he has one more appearance tomorrow and he's expected to become a free man after that. the problem is the accuser the housekeeper and her credibility. prosecutors said they just don't know what to believe about what she says happened in that hotel room that day, whether the sexual encounter was forced or whether it was consensual. they say she has told them so many conflicting stories that they could not convince a jury that she is telling the truth. the woman's attorney insists that she is still an innocent victim of a violent sexual attack, he wants a special prosecutor to take over the case, but legal experts that we talked to say that is very unlikely to happen and strauss-kahn will likely go free tomorrow.

    >> ron allen with the latest,

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