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With so many crucial issues facing the country and the presidential election campaign heating up, bad move by the clothing chain Urban Outfitters.  It‘s selling a T-shirt with the words, “Voting is for old people” on the front. 

Now, the makers of the shirt may actually be factually correct, because, in the past three presidential elections, only about one-third of voters between 18 and 24 went to the polls.  Only about half that many vote in Congressional elections. 

But this shirt has caused an outrage.  Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, who runs a voter education group, has lashed out at Urban Outfitters.  And the online site, which is trying to get young anti-Bush voters to the poll, sent a letter demanding that the shirt stop being sold. 

Well, controversy is not new for Urban Outfitters.  It sold a board game called “Ghettopoly,” where part of the game was to “sell crack” and “buy stolen property. “ That game was pulled after a lot of people complained. 

Urban Outfitters says the “Voting is for old people” shirt is a vintage design and was never meant to be anti-voting.  The trouble is, young people might take it that way.

And one more bad move with this shirt:  Urban Outfitters is selling it for a steep $28.

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