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    >>> now from rain to exactly the opposite. a part of the country where it's been so hot and dry, the problem now is raging and drought-fed wildfires. nbc's janet shanlian is live tonight in oklahoma city . janet, good evening.

    >> reporter: brian, good evening. they're having a tough time getting a handle on these fires, they're leap frogging through communities. and with this persistent drought, something as small as a cigarette butt can set an entire neighborhood up in flames. for wind whipped wildfires.

    >> we had a lot of people and three dogs.

    >> reporter: they had an hour's warning. as lincecum surveys what might be salvageable, it's clear there's nothing.

    >> my dad lived with us the last eight years and he was a world war i hero and i had his pictures and his medals and all that.

    >> reporter: it was a hopscotch assault, one house burned out, one house untouched. mother nature is working against them. searing heat and gusting winds are --

    >> this helicopter is responding to one of the many flare-ups, there are hot spots all over this region and on each pass it drops more than 600 gallons of water. neighboring texas took a hit as well. at opossum kingdom lake, a fire cut off roads fueled by the same tinderbox conditions.

    >> in oklahoma that wind change claimed the home of steve anne and john belick. but what mattered most, their horses were spared.

    >> they're the kids, all the animals are the kids, so we had to make sure they were safe.

    >> reporter: firefighters from across the state are pouring in here and this command center is going to stay up and staffed all night long in hopes of preventing any further loss.

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