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    >>> and jon huntsman joins us. good morning to you.

    >> hi, good to be with you.

    >> let's briefly talk about this scheduling occur fufl. where do you come down on this is this do you think speaker bay per should have accommodated the president of the united states or do you think the president blew it by not agreeing on the date behind the scenes before announcing it publicly?

    >> i think it is such nonsense. this is what people hate about politics. we're spending all this time about the draw that of the venue, about about the substance of what's going to get this cup back to work again. i think that venues are venues and the president needs to find one where he can articulate his vision, but for 2 and a half year, it hasn't worked. the economy has sauled, we don't have enough jobs. we need to get on with the big picture that will get the country back to work again.

    >> let's talk about your jobs plan. you unveiled it yesterday. and essentially your strategy if creating jobs is to cut taxes, cut corporate taxes significantly and hope companies will hire. my question to you is, at this very moment, corporations are sitting on trillions of cash on their balance sheets and they're still not hiring. why will your plan work?

    >> my plan is to do what i've done as governor of a state that worked. i've been there and i've done that. i've been through tax reform before. and i've seen it improve the economic conditions. people -- the reason we have a broken tax code in part is because it's full of loopholes and deductions and corporate welfare . it's perpetuated by the people who can afford the lawyers and lobby i. it is keep it going. this order to be competitive to the rest of the 21st century , in order to compete with china and i said i can't, in order to get the jobs this country so desperately need, we've got to clean out the code, we have to wipe it clean, we have to lower the rate, we have to broaden the base both on the individual income side and on the corporate side. there aren't a lot of corporations paying the 35% rate, so let's get real about that, clean out the corporate welfare and leave the tax code a lot more competitive.

    >> governor, let me ask you, you have one entry on your resume that certainly additions you from every other republican in this race, that is you worked for the obama admin strarks you were president obama 's ambassador to china. you now have criticized him on health care , on wall street reform, you say he's been an utter failure on the economy. what does it say about you and your judgment that you worked for someone who you think has been a complete failure?

    >> i worked for president reagan , president bush ,rd bush. i believe if you love your country, you serve her. i stood up and everybodied is my country when my president asked and i would do it again. that's a philosophy i take to my grave. but when you stand up and you embrace a bipartisan position like u.s. ambassador to china , it doesn't mean you resign your world view , it didn't mean you resign your party of a fill jagts. the problems need to be debated.

    >> but at one point you called president obama a remarkable lead leader. at what point did you sour on president obama and how long did you continue to work for him after that point?

    >> reporter: listen, at the very beginning, there was a lot of hope and optimism when this country began coming together after the 2008 election. i was raised to an gracious person. i thought it was remarkable that he appointed a republican to his administration. i wrote him a handwritten note. that's what lot of people do. but the president has had 2 1/2 years and it's very clear to everybody that he has not been able to deliver on the one thing that the american people expect. and that's expand and broaden and strength then the economy and create jobs. that's the most important thing to people in this country right now and we've got to have a debate, we've got it talk aboto talk abo ut the big picture issues that will get us back in the game again.

    >> currently you're not running against president obama , you're running against a handful of other republican candidates. you said the republican field has zero substance, in good ideas, you disagreed with your fellow republicans about issues like raising the debt ceiling, about evolution, about climate change. and here's the verdict so far from republican voters the most recent pl from quinnipiac has you dead last. it sounds fun any to put it this way, but i guess the question is are you sure you should be running in the republican primary of 2011 ?

    >> i'm absolutely certain. if we were to take the numbers from 2008 and 2004 and extrapolate those to the finish line, we would have had much different outcomes. nobody is paying attention to the race. a few insiders are, but this race has a long way to go during the fall season. in the months ahead, i believe this country is going to turn into common sense , problem solving , reasoning that comes from people who have been governor, someone who has been in the rift sector, someone who has lived overseas four time, been an ambassador three times for his country. this cup is crying out for real solutions and we're not getting them. we're getting drama, but we're not getting solutions.

    >> do you think that governor perry or michele bachmann are too far right to win and beat president obama ?

    >> all i can tell is you that the people of will country want common sense problem solving solutions. they don't want politics at the extreme ends and what we're getting today is politics at the extreme ends and we can do better than that.

Image: Republican Presidential Hopeful Jon Huntsman
Joe Raedle  /  Getty Images
Republican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman holds press conference at Scotty's Landing restaurant on August 10, 2011 in Miami, Florida.
NBC News and news services
updated 9/1/2011 7:52:20 AM ET 2011-09-01T11:52:20

Struggling in the polls, Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman on Wednesday proposed sweeping tax changes and new trade agreements as the means to stimulate new jobs.

The former Utah governor became the first Republican contender to offer a detailed job-creation blueprint when he delivered the address Wednesday afternoon at Gilchrist Metal Fabricating in Hudson, N.H.

Huntsman began his speech 30 minutes late in a hot warehouse. He attacked President Barack Obama, threatened the National Labor Relations Board, criticized China's one-child policy, and defended fracking in the production of natural gas.

"The president believes that we can tax and spend and regulate our way to prosperity. We cannot. We must compete our way to prosperity," Huntsman is to say, according to an excerpt of prepared remarks obtained by The Associated Press. "We need American entrepreneurs not only thinking of products like the iPhone or Segway; we need American workers building those products. It's time for 'Made in America' to mean something again."

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Story: Obama pushes for transportation spending

Huntsman proposed new trade deals beyond Colombia, Panama and South Korea, the three pacts the Obama administration supports, as well as an overhaul of the current tax code to create a simpler system, according to an adviser who discussed the plan on condition of anonymity ahead of the speech.

Huntsman, who served as the Obama administration's ambassador to China, has fought to win over Republican primary voters since entering the race, despite assembling a huge staff in New Hampshire, which hosts the nation's first presidential primary.

He earned support from just 1 percent of Republicans in a CNN/ORC International survey released this week. That's down from 4 percent in early August.

Some highlights from the speech:

  • On the National Labor Relations Board, Huntsman said he would tell the NLRB to stop prosecuting the Boeing case in South Carolina. "And if they fail to do so, I will replace them."
  • On competitiveness: "As President Obama has dithered, other countries making choices necessary to competed. I have seen that first hand."
  • On fracking and oil: "Critics are attacking fracking but the practice has been used on more than one million currently producing wells. ... Because of fracking the US surpassed Russia as the world's leading producer of natural gas."
  • On China: "I hate the one-child policy. So do a lot people there. But I have a daughter because of the one-child policy." Huntsman has an adopted daughter from China and six other children.
  • On tax policy: "I want to narrow the priorities for the American people. Debt ... and how are we going to grow out of this ... can't do this until you reform taxes."

"My ideas are not radical, they straightforward and common sense," Huntsman said.

This article contains reporting from NBC News' Jo Kent and The Associated Press.


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