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    >>> good evening. just a week after hurricane irene came ashore on the atlantic coast , another massive storm is brewing this time in the gulf of mexico . tropical storm lee is not packing high winds or pushing a dangerous storm surge . what it is bringing is rain. lots of rain. and days of rain. enough rain that new orleans rez residents are wondering if all the money put into flood protection after katrina will keep them safe.

    >> reporter: another rain squall blowing through the french quarter . take a look at what we're looking at tonight, it's the 12th storm of the season, there's your satellite radar composite. plenty of heavy rain , but the storm is kind of lopsided. most of the rain is on the east side . only 2 miles an hour to the north. so there's going to be a stretch of very heavy rain across parts of the gulf coast . it's been raining here in mississippi since yesterday. governors have announced some states of emergency, seven counties in mississippi, the entire state of louisiana . residents here went through katrina , so they take tropical weather very seriously. they are prepping, even as we roll through this afternoon, there's been some sandbagging, but it hasn't been a serious storm prep because really this is not a wind situation, or a storm surge situation, this is just a situation where we have to deal with very heavy rain . in fact mitch landrieu in new orleans has urged residents to open storm drains and catch basins.

    >> the city of new orleans is acting as quickly as possible.

    >> reporter: in the wake of katrina , they spent $14 billion shoring up the flood protection system, this includes repairs to the floodgates, the levees and also making sure they have got strong enough floodgates to stop the storm surge from lake pontchartrain . here's that forecast going over the next couple of days and we're talking about a lot of rain as it jogs toward the coast, as it's expected to make landfall sometime on sunday, on average, six to ten inches. and this will cause flooding. but because down here on the gulf coast it's flat and we do have sandy soil, we're not going to see anything like that we have seen in the past week following hurricane irene .

    >> it sure looks like new orleans is going to be put to the test. thanks.

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