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    >> hear a lot of adjectives being used to describe the situation with the wildfires in texas . one you're hearing over and over again is catastrophic.

    >> it's unbelievable. 60 new fires have popped up across the state in the last through days. and one of them is already considered the worst in texas history , destroying at least 476 homes. the flames are being fueled by strong winds, dry conditions created by the state's worst drought in more than 50 years. we're going to get the late nest a live report ahead.

    >> we're going to talk to governor perry later in the show.

    >>> ayman do knox appeared upbeat in court at her appeals court . coming up, a close friend will tell us how knox is holding up as that case winds down.

    >>> also this morning the " real housewives of beverly hills " premiered last night with the members of the cast. the suicide of taylor armstrong's estranged husband.

    >> we're going to tell you what people are saying as we're joined live by three of the women featured on that show.

    >> that's right.

    >>> but we begin with the devastating wildfires in texas . nbc's jay gray is there with the latest on this story. hey, jay, good morning.

    >> good morning to you, ann. as hard as it is to believe, the situation actually took a turn for the worse here overnight. the wildfire in bastrop alone is 40 square miles and is growing much faster than the crews or this community can handle. shadows from the fading sun can't hide the overwhelming evidence that texas is under attack.

    >> this entire state, especially central texas , is under a siege right now.

    >> reporter: ribbon of flames runs through the state, dozens of wildfires wrapping around the melting away everything in their path. the worst of the fire seems to be in bastrop . it's been two full days and still firefighters are no closer in gaining the upper hand in the blaze.

    >> the bastrop fire is not under control.

    >> reporter: 450 homes have been reduced to ash.

    >> that house is gone. his house is gone. david and heather's is about half gone.

    >> reporter: 5,000 families have been forced to leave, many watching as smoke continues to fill the sky and wondering what might be left when the air clears.

    >> i have no insurance or nothing. that's everything i've worked for. it's the chaos of getting through getting assistance and the wait. what do we do in the meantime?

    >> reporter: monica turner's place to go is gone.

    >> we just lost our house. we just found out that our house has been destroyed. right now i'm sitting and prey praying to god because i don't know right now.

    >> reporter: there are so many lingering questions from those pushed from their homes.

    >> we have no idea what's happened to our kids. we're going to go try now and see if they will let us go and check. if the house didn't burn, we can save the pets.

    >> right, right.

    >> and we just don't know. and not knowing is awful.

    >> reporter: in east texas , though, knowing is even worse . a young woman and her 18-month-old daughter died when they could not escape the wall of fire that swallowed their home. as a wave of fire continues to wash across the state, crews and survivors are being pushed past their limits.

    >> oh, my god. total devastation.

    >> reporter: concerned for thousands in texas , growing almost as fast as the flames. and as they battle the flames here in bastrop , even more wildfires up overnight, spreading the crews thin. in fact, the texas forestry service issued a public appeal at this point calling for any and all firefighters available to respond immediately and telling them they will be on the job here for quite some time. ann?

    >> jay gray, thank you for

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