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If rapper and daring fashion diva Nicki Minaj made a sex tape and it ended up online, there would without a doubt be a large number of curious parties clicking on the scandalous video.

And if that video came recommended to you from a Facebook friend, well, then, it would have to be the real thing, right?

Spreading now on the all-powerful social network is a wall post titled "Nicki Minaj Sex Tape — Exclusive!" The message reads, "Her boyfriend gave this tape to a BBC Reporter. Watch it live before it is taken down by her lawyers," the Facebook scam spotter website Facecrooks reported.

"Exclusive!" "BBC." "YouTube." How could this be fake?

Here's how: clicking on the thumbnail YouTube link embedded in the wall post redirects users to a phony BBC News website. The enticing YouTube video appears again, and this time the text above it says, "Her agent did NOT want you to see this. Watch the full video here."

People who absolutely need to satisfy an urge to see the shocking footage of the 28-year-old Minaj in bed will be frustrated; as soon as they click on the YouTube video, the fake message that lured them in now appears on their Facebook page, and is immediately spammed out to all their friends.

Victims are then prompted to fill out a survey that generates money for the scammers before they can see the sex tape, which, of course, does not exist.

"Never complete surveys to unlock videos or other content on Facebook," Facecrooks wrote. "Scammers use these tricks to either spread malware, obtain personal identification or earn commissions from marketing companies. Don't pad their pocket and possibly open yourself up to harm!"

Advice to live by when hanging out on Facebook: always be suspicious of unsolicited or out-of-character wall posts or emails from friends, and if a video or link seems too good — or too scandalous — to be true, it is.

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