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    >> york today, this were poignant ceremonies across this city ahead of tomorrow's service at ground zero . new yorkers and visitors alike reflecting stories of loss. more from kevin tibbles.

    >> reporter: a somber memorial at st. patrick's cathedral for first responders and their families where young patrick lyons read a letter to the father he never met.

    >> dear dad , you died on sleflth 2001 and i was born 26 days later on october 7th . i want you to know that mommy is doing a great job raising me in a happy home .

    >> a memorial to the 11 lost from this fire house . today, many quietly paid their respects. inside, they will never be forgotten.

    >> what does this place represent to you?

    >> it's not a place. it's people. a lot of guys. lost a lot of friends.

    >> reporter: at the cross roads of the world, times square visitors took time to remember.

    >> to stand up with mesh.

    >> the fact that all human beings like us that died, we still cherish them.

    >> reporter: bob morris who worked in law enforcement , is here from utah.

    >> when one of our brothers get hurt, something happens to them.

    >> reporter: and on the eve, it's on everyone's mind.

    >> i think the place is safe.

    >> reporter: in lower manhattan 's battery park , a sea of stars and stripes bear the names of all who were lost. people came hand in hand to stand together.

    >> this is our home and i think today is the day of solidarity.

    >> reporter: in bryant park , 2,753 empty chairs for each life lost in new york city .

    >> these chairs are not just chairs. they're a person. they represent another human being .

    >> reporter: back at the fire house , another call comes in. here, every day remains a day of service to the people of this city. and lester, so many of those young first responders that we spoke to today said the reason they decided to serve was because of the sacrifices made by so many ten years ago. lester?

    >> kevin tibbles tonight, thanks. president

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