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Dominic Dunn, left, and Barbara Walters leave Manhattan federal court after attending the Martha Stewart trial in New York, Tuesday March 2, 2004.
updated 3/4/2004 12:03:25 PM ET 2004-03-04T17:03:25

Martha Stewart's courtroom guest list tells us about her celebrity friends, or at least what she may hope it says to the jurors. 

Admittedly, my theory may be a bit conspiratorial, but the four celebrities who have shown up to support Martha just happen to cover every demographic group. Check it out:

Rosie O‘Donnell: a gay, liberal woman
Bill Cosby: well respected and venerable African American man
Barbara Walters: known for being smart, ambitious, successful white woman, and
Brian Dennehy: an Irish Catholic actor known for his tough-guy roles

Anyone associated with Stewart would say that I‘m unfairly reading into it, that Stewart‘s friends separately and independently decided to come to court.  But no one knows better than Martha Stewart that image is everything.  She has a P.R. team in court with her everyday and there is no way they do not have a say as to who comes to visit. 

If I were her lawyer, I would want to make sure that with a diverse guest list, that there is someone for everyone.  It‘s not as if she doesn‘t have any other celebrity friends.  But you just can‘t have someone like Busta Rhymes showing up.  He‘s a convicted felon.  And imagine if KISS showed up in their full regalia!  It‘s just too risky. 

People like Cosby, Walters, and Dennehy in particular are so well non-controversial.  (I intentionally left Rosie out). Remember, everything that happens inside that courtroom is part of the show. 

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