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Grand jury gets airport pat-down arrest case

A lawyer for a Tennessee woman arrested after loudly refusing an airport pat-down for her 14-year-old daughter urged a judge Thursday to dismiss a charge of disorderly conduct, saying his client was only exercising her right to free speech. Full story

DHS to unveil new airport security policy for kids

Children 12 years old and younger soon will no longer be required to remove their shoes at airport security checkpoints, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Congress on Tuesday. Full story

Change pat-down policy for kids

   Homeland security has made a change in its airport pat-down policies for young children. Msnbc's Tamron Hall talks with aviation analyst Michael Boyd.

Outrage over TSA pat-down of 6-year-old

   A Seattle family has filed a complaint against the Transportation Security Administration after their 6-year-old son was subjected to a pat-down. KING's Tonya Mosley reports.

Woman asked to remove adult diaper in TSA search

   Aviation expert Peter Goelz shares his thoughts on the TSA’s decision to pat-down a 95-year-old cancer stricken woman.

Pat-downs for preschoolers? TSA reconsiders policy

   TSA officials were grilled on Capitol Hill Wednesday over a series of airport pat-down incidents that have angered the public NBC's Tom Costello reports.

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TSA changes pat-down procedures for young kids

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TSA's elderly pat-down program
TSA's elderly pat-down program

The Transportation Security Administration next week will test relaxed pat-down procedures for elderly fliers 75 years old and above.