Countdown’s Top Five

This episode of Countdown featured the live destruction of the Bartman ball.  As a result of the coverage, the formal countdown was a little disrupted.

  1. A mother of two from Rockaway Township, New Jersey, is suing the recording industry under provisions of this country`s RICO Act, the statute that permits the
    government to go after organized crime.  
  2. The song most often downloaded from the Internet in 2003, "Hey Ya" by OutKast, just about 110,000 last year, a lot of possible lawsuits.
  3. Deep sixed
  4. How the ball was blown up
  5. The "Bartman Ball" as it awaits its fate.
  6. Our viewers had some very creative suggestion on ridding this world of that ball:
  7. Edward in Lowden, New Hampshire:  He would, "Freeze the baseball in liquid nitrogen, then smash with it a cork-filled baseball bat wielded by a player on steroids."
  8. Darrell from San Jose suggests shredding the ball, feeding those scraps to a goat, then letting the goat roam the outfield at Wrigley Field, where it would leave the sacred droppings to fertilize the outfield grass.
  9. An anonymous viewer in Kentucky, says "burn the ball, feed it to the goat, feed the goat to Steve Bartman, and then feed Steve Bartman to my cousin, Mike Tyson." 
  10. From Charles, suck the air out of the ball, "The insides are porous, you know, kind of like a sponge."  Not really, no. 
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  12. You may now kiss the bride, both of them
  13. Legislating morality
  14. Howard Stern
  15. The five largest media fines issued by the FCC in just the past year:
  16. Three-quarters of a million to a Clear Channel announcer, " Bubba the Love Sponge."
  17. $357,500 for the infamous Saint Patrick's exposure during the "Opie and Anthony Show," and they also got fired.
  18. Fifty-five grand to D.C.'s " Elliot in the Morning" for asking two female high school students some leading sexually oriented questions. 
  19. FCC papers for this case
  20. $27,500 to a San Francisco TV station that aired a demonstration of genital origami.  
  21. FCC document on that one
  22. $22,400 to a Spanish language post who was talking about having sex with a child in the room.  

Today’s Top Three Newsmakers

  1. James Minder was named the new chairman of the gunmakers Smith & Wesson last month, today he resigned after a newspaper reported that in the '50s and '60s, he had spent more than a decade in jail for armed robbery.
  2. GiGi Florin of Romania bet that he could swallow more coins than the man in France who recently died from swallowing too many coins.  Mr. Florin put down 120 of them before he had to be hospitalized.   
  3. The Galic brothers of Bosnia.  Throughout their 69 years, they could drink you under any table you chose, and they never got hangovers.  Last week, Joseph Galic got into a car accident.  Doctors discovered he has an extra set of kidneys, so does his brother, Ante.


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