Countdown’s Top Five

  1. The second miracle for Captain Al Haynes.  People whose lives he saved during that dramatic crash in Sioux City are now paying him back, making donations, so his daughter
    can afford a bone marrow transplant.
  2. A 76-year-old producer says the 74-year-old Clark refused to hire him because of his age. 
  3. Accuser talks to Keith
  4. Alistair Cooke ends his 58-year run on a radio show "Letter From America."  Master Cooke is 95.
  5. The scourge of Japan, Godzilla, retires at the age of 50.
  6. Godzilla's last movie, " Godzilla: Final Wars."
  7. John Kerry has a virtual lock on the Democratic nomination.
  8. How do you keep the campaign fresh for eight months?  How do you keep your puss in front of the cameras?  Some speculation tonight that Kerry may pop up internationally. 
  9. The departure of John Edwards, who made official what he hinted at last night.
  10. George Bush phoned Kerry last night.
  11. The demise of supersize
  12. The IRS has just ruled that taxpayers who are diagnosed as obese can deduct expenses for stomach-stapling surgery, for approved weight loss drugs, for nutritional counseling. 
  13. The estimate to burn off a super sized meal, you would you have to walk for seven hours straight.
  14. The number of calories in a super sized meal:  Fries, 610 calories; Cola, 410 calories; Big Mac: 600 calories.  That is a day`s worth of food on a low calorie diet, contained in one meal.
  15. "Chicago Tribune" reports that only five percent of McDonald`s customers ordered the super sized meals. 
  16. A mother who thought her newborn died in a fire six years ago may be reunited with that daughter as soon as tomorrow, after a New Jersey court hearing starting at 4:00 p.m.
  17. Five American icons in court
  18. Martha Stewart
  19. Michael Eisner
  20. Bernard Ebbers
  21. Barry Bonds
  22. Kobe Bryant

Today’s Top Newsmakers

  1. A woman in New Britain, Connecticut, who is OK after she drove her car into a stream at a city park.  She explains she was re-enacting something she`d seen in the Mel Gibson movie "The Passion of the Christ."
  2. Louis Kadlecek of Angleton, Texas, celebrated his 21st birthday by going drinking for four days.  Louis had never been in an airplane before, so he broke into a hangar and hot wired one of them
  3. The residents of the Spring Haven Retirement Community Center in Florida, three of them go to a hospital with minor injuries after a brawl breaks out at their salad bar.
  4. Anonymous owner of a trailer in DeKalb County Alabama goes away on business for a few months, comes home to find out that somebody has moved in and set up a methamphetamine lab.
  5. Mouthwash, specifically the ingredients, CPC, it has been proven in kill E.  Coli and salmonella in chickens.  It`s a mouthwash and a chicken vaccine.

Let's Play Oddball!

Tonight it's "strange animals caught on grainy black and white video."

  1. Slidell High School in Slidell, Louisiana.  1,200 bats live in harmony with nature and man alike in the rafters of the gymnasium.
  2. A real live Wolverine, roaming the lot down at Grover`s Auto in Zumbrota. 
  3. Lisa, the iguana is four feet long.  Her abductor is to be considered armed and probably very, very strange. 

Keeping Tabs

  1. Janet is going back on live television.
  2. You`d think somebody would notice when a 6-foot-tall, 700-pound statue would disappear from Disney World.  But, apparently, the park was able to remove this Janet-Jackson-inspired statue of Mickey Mouse without too much fuss.
  3. And from wardrobe malfunctions to major malfunctions.  It`s brother Mike and the latest rehab story
  4. The good news is, he`s in the hands of Alfredo Bowman, a Honduran known as Dr. Sebi noted for his African bioelectric cell food therapy. 


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