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    >> reporter: after two years and two months in captivity in iran those two american hikers have been freed. their families received the first glimmer of real hope days ago during an interview of the iranian leader ahmadinejad by our own ann curry who pressed him on the subject. ann is here in the studio for the end of this chapter.

    >> it was a very emotional day for two young americans and their families, a day for everyone to breathe a sigh of relief. finally, long awaited joy as the jet landed in oman . shane bauer and josh fattal ran down to waiting families and news cameras. free men.

    >> we are so happy we are free and so relieved we are free.

    >> two years in prison is too long.

    >> reporter: convicted last month of crossing the border illegally and spying and sentenced to eight more years. earlier today they were rushed from iran 's capital with the help of the swiss ambassador to iran .

    >> they are leaving right now and i am very, very grateful for this. it has been a long time for them. we have done a lot of work.

    >> reporter: the families of shane and josh released a statement. today can only be described as the best day of our lives. we now all want nothing more than to wrap shane and josh in our arms, catch up on two lost years, and make a new beginning for them and for all of us. the release comes just a day before mahmoud ahmadinejad is to address the united nations but eight days after he said their release was imminent.

    >> i think these two will be freed in a couple of days.

    >> in a couple of days?

    >> yes, in a couple of days. they will be freed.

    >> the delay in the release exposed a power struggle inside iran .

    >> all the circumstances around the release of the hikers highlight the deep divisions amongst the ruling elite here in iran , something president ahmadinejad wanted to avoid before addressing the world stage at the u.n. this week.

    >> president obama also in new york for the u.n. meeting commented late today.

    >> they're going home.

    >> reporter: tonight the two will rest in oman , finally re reunited with their families. shane 's fiancee shah arah shourd is also in oman tonight. brian?

    >> after the role you played in the drama, what a roller coaster it's been back then up to today. ann

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