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updated 3/6/2004 2:31:40 AM ET 2004-03-06T07:31:40

You know that old saying, “justice is blind?”  Well, when it comes to the Martha Stewart case, you can go ahead and add deaf and dumb to that description. 

The feds got their woman today.  The almost universally-scorned Martha Stewart‘s career, reputation and freedom were taken from her in a Wall Street courtroom as the world looked on.  Now, the question is not whether the jury gave Martha her justice desserts, but rather why this case ever reached the courthouse steps in the first place. 

Oh, I know the prosecutors crowed about protecting the little guy from the big, bad guy who cheats on Wall Street who lie and cheat and hurt middle America‘s stock portfolio. But that‘s a load of garbage.  Love her or hate her, just know that Martha Stewart‘s case was nothing more than a show trial.  It targeted a celebrity and it involved chump change.  Meanwhile, the real corporate thieves who screwed middle-class Americans out of billions of dollars are roaming free, knowing they will never spend a second in jail for their billion-dollar schemes:

When it comes to the Wall Street law in the 21st century, there just ain‘t no such thing as justice. 


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