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FEMA ready if plunging satellite hits U.S.

With a massive dead NASA satellite due to plunge back to Earth this week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is laying the groundwork for a fast response in case the 6 1/2-ton spacecraft falls over American soil.Full story

Coming this week: Fiery satellite death

A dead climate satellite that has been circling Earth for 20 years will make a fiery death plunge this week, with some pieces of the six-ton spacecraft expected to reach the surface of the planet, NASA officials say. Full story

Huge Defunct Satellite Falling to Earth Faster Than Expected, NASA Says

This story was updated at 3:30 p.m. ET. NASA space junk experts have refined the forecast for the anticipated death plunge of a giant satellite, with the U.S. space agency now predicting the 6 1/2-ton climate probe will plummet to Earth around Sept. 23, a day earlier than previously reported. Full story

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NASA Satellite Debris May Fall Anywhere … Except on eBay

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UARS breakup
UARS breakup

An artist's conception shows NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite breaking up and burning up during atmospheric re-entry.

UARS satellite track
UARS satellite track

A map from Analytical Graphics Inc. shows the ground track for NASA's UARS satellite for the 28 hours from 2 a.m. ET Friday to 6 a.m. ET Saturday — which reflects The Aerospace Corp.'s estimate for the time of re-entry. During that time frame, the satellite will follow the narrow blue tracks shown o

UARS deployment
UARS deployment

The bus-sized UARS satellite sails over Earth at the end of the shuttle Discovery's robotic arm during its deployment in 1991.