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Government fines bedbug repellents maker for ad claims

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A company that makes a cedar-based product it says repels bed bugs and head lice felt the bite of the U.S. government on Tuesday when it agreed to settle charges that its products have not been proven to work as promised. Full story

Bedbugs a rising concern in big cities

   According to Terminix, the number of customers calling about bedbug infestations has grown significantly this past year, even doubling in certain cities.

Nature's bed bug trap

   Researchers discover a plant that traps tiny pests. WLEX's Julie Dolan reports.

Bed Bug Chasers Franchise Keeps Focus on its Niche

Rather than expand to a full-spectrum pest-control business, Bed Bug Chasers expands within its niche. Full story

Weird Weather is Making America Antsy

Is your house driving you buggy? If so, you're not alone.  A national survey in the U.S. found that 84 percent of American homeowners experienced a pest problem in the last 12 months, which could make this a good year for pest control professionals. Slightly more than half of all homeowners think it Full story

Warm weather’s big impact

   The unusually high temperatures have triggered allergies, bed bugs and stoked record wildfires. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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