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Video: Manhunt for Gadhafi continues

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    >>> this big storm has taken our attention away from some other news, so let's get into it, starting with the situation in libya. it's taken a new turn. they still have no idea where moammar gadhafi is. he's on the run tonight. we do know his wife and three of his children have fled to algeria. that's been confirmed by the algerians. it's the latest sign that gadhafi has lost total control of the rebels. there's news tonight about the libyan mastermind behind the bombing of pan am 103 . and our chief foreign correspondent richard engel has the latest from tripoli .

    >> reporter: tripoli is slowly recovering, stores opening, traffic moving. hospitals have power again. but one notorious patient has now left the hospital, abdelbaset al megrahi released by scotland two years ago. he is now home in tripoli , without adequate medical care , his brother says, slipping in and out of a coma. there's new evidence of gadhafi 's brutality against his own people. 25-year-old amir aoon clings to life. he was one of gadhafi 's prisoners, shot by guards as rebels advanced. they tried to slit his throat but the knife was too dull. he was one of 200 prisoners marched out of his cell last thursday and shot by gadhafi loyalists. i think there were three of them, and they were shooting constantly. he was left for dead , he said, and at least 40 others were executed. nearby, rebels uncover a huge weapons cache. gadhafi 's stockpiled weapons across the city, preparing for a drawn out battle in tripoli . this was a private farmhouse, it's filled with thousands of cases of ammunition. and gadhafi himself still at large is now a figure of ridicule here. pictured as a rat and in a toilet. at a checkpoint rebels search using a photograph of how gadhafi might look dressed as a woman. the portrait of a man who sheltered terrorists and executed prisoners, now sits in a trash heap by the roadside.


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