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U.S. judge rejects Fed cap on debit card swipe fees

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. judge ruled on Wednesday that the Federal Reserve ignored the intent of Congress regarding a controversial cap on debit card "swipe fees" that are part of a dispute between banks and retailers. Full story

Pre-Paid Debit Cards Becoming More Popular

(NBC News)  More and more consumers are skipping the traditional checking account or paying with a credit or debit card and are using prepaid debit cards instead.Experts say there's good reason to do so."The prepaid debit card really puts some boundaries around their spending, so they can only spend Full story

Card scheme targeting WMECo customers

Western Massachusetts Electric Company says that some of their customers have been getting calls from schemers who threaten to cut off their electricity if they don’t pay them using a pre-paid debit card. Full story

Despicable Fee: Employers charging you for your paycheck

   Chris Hayes takes a look at the incredible practice of using payroll debit cards to pay employees instead of a check or direct deposit, when the fees for using those cards are unavoidable.

Pa. McDonald's franchise to offer more pay options

A McDonald's franchise promised to give employees more payment options after it was sued by a former employee who said she was charged a fee to access her wages from a debit card. Full story

How to Pull Off a $45 Million Global ATM Heist

Want to pull off your own $45 million worldwide ATM heist? It might not be that easy, experts say. Full story

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Prepaid debit cards: a weak link in bank security

Wells Fargo says it has resolved debit card glitch


  Avoiding hidden bank fees

After public outrage forced banks to stop charging debit card fees, banks have found new fees to charge for. NBC's Chris Clackum reports.

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